Has someone come up with this yet

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by undercover bluebird, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. OK so I would like to know if someone has made a gas thank with a gauge on it to let you know how much you got left in the tank like how generators do . I mean we got part for almost everything but nothing to inform you how much gas you have while riding and if there is can you please point me at that direction

  2. bakaneko

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    I am testing out a new ultra low budget gas tank setup. It won't have a gauge but if capacity is your worry then this might help. I hope to complete my testing soon and report it to all you folks.
  3. crassius

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    tanks end up at diff angles on these, so it probably isn't worth the effort to make something accurate
  4. HeadSmess

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    few options available.

    float on a rod or similar affair. one type uses the arm on a pivot like most car guages... some use a very coarse thread and the float is prevented from spinning as it rises...the thread is attached to the guage pointer. this was common on the cap used on (OLD) B&S lawnmowers.

    another one is to just have the rod coming out of a gland in the top of the tank... up is full, obviously. very common on small aircraft, cus its virtually fool-proof.

    cut a slot in the side, reinforce it with a flange, and then clamp a piece of polycarbonate over it. more suitable to a custom made tank...

    and of course, a strip of polycarbonate (i say that only cus im sure its fuel proof) cut into a sharp pointy triangle. polish the top short side and stick it out the cap etc. when just the tip is in fuel...you only see a narrow line in the middle. when the whole things submerged...the strip fills up. another mower way of doing things...victa i believe. they had the strip with parellel sides, but each 5mm it narrowed down a few mm, gave it a sort of "notch" effect (ie, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full...) rather than a smooth transition from full to empty which a triangle will produce.

    or take the lid off and peek inside ;)
  5. bakaneko

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    Bluebird, I did some testing on a new gas tank setup using gas containers. The gas containers are not 100% opaque so you can visually see the gas levels. Also, the increased capacity helps lessen worrying about gas levels.

  6. i like your set up Bankaneko . i might just have to do something like you did . i do want more capacity and i also want the ability of just looking at it and seeing how much gas i have. i do like the fact that with a bigger tank like a gallon you can mix you oil mixture from the pump. i dont like having to mix it then pour it in again to a smaller thank simply because if i need to do this while im out it just makes it harder to do with a small tank. imma look around and see what i find to make on of my own
  7. bakaneko

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    Aye, no problem m8. I mean this is probably the lowest cost option available. There are better ways to do this with better materials. But, if they are too costly or time consuming then there is always this option left. It literally took me 5 mins of work to affix the gas valve to the gas container. The one thing I would note is that my gas container has a 1+ gallon label. There is still a little splashing if I am absently pumping gas out. I usually buy exactly 1 gallon of gas, which means the first 0.75 gallons come out fast and then it slows down for the last 0.25 gallons. If I had a 2 gallon container which is much deeper, I don't think there would be any possibility of splashing. Not a big deal but if you are speccing it out, I would consider that.
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    drill 2 holes in your tank, one up high one down low, install some 90 degree brass fittings and run some clear fuel line between them. instant sight gauge, the level in the fuel line is the level in the tank.