Has Your Ride Paid for Itself?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by CheazyRider, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Just curious . . .

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    MBs Paying for Themselves

    That's something I think about a lot. In fact, I think that was way I talked myself into buying my bike--I figured it would pay for itself over the summer with gas prices being the way they are. So, let's do the math:

    :arrow:I've put roughly 1,000 miles on it this summer, and I figure that it gets 125 mpg. So, that means (figuring gas at $4) I've boughten 8 gallons at $32.00.:smile:

    :arrow:NOW, with my truck, putting on 1,000 miles at 15 mpg (it's a gas hog), that's 66.67 gallons for a total of $266.68.:shock:

    :arrow:Since I paid $425 for the bike, and since I can figure I've saved $234.68, I figure that the bike is at least 1/2 paid for!!! :cool::cool::cool:
  3. I'm a bit over 7 hundred dollars ahead when it comes to gas consumption if I never owned a Motoredbike and I use my truck to go the same distances. so yes. MOOP my 2 stroke happy time has been payed off and it's not even a year old. That thing's been payed off two months into riding. Cronus,my 4 stroke rack mount will be payed off in another 200 miles. And we're not talking serious miles here. MOOP has about 2,000 miles. Cronus about 1,200 miles.
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    I have only ridden about 800 miles so far but am counting my savings. More I have lost 20 lbs just in being more active and if I don't get run over or something drastic this saves Dr and work out bills too.
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    Awesome! This is great stuff. Very encouraging to hear. It must be very satisfying to be in a position where your MB is almost paying you to ride it. Can't wait to get mine on the road.

    Keep the testimonies coming!
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    Perhaps an overlooked and yet intangible aspect of all this is the decrease in wear-and-tear to your car.....the longer you're out riding your MB, the longer your car stays parked in your driveway, theoretically. Don't know how you'd quantify that in terms of $$$ added into the bike-paying-for-itself equation, but it's gotta be in there somewhere, right?

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    I'd have to add in, the miles of smiles :D That's gotta be worth something!

    could bugs in the teeth be considered free food?:lol:

    Seriously..... no car, no payments, no insurance premiums,taxes, tags, etc.

    yup...well worth it.
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    MB's are more tinkertoys for me than transportation so no they havent really paid for themselves BUT they entertain me for hours on end customizing and riding so thats years worth of other distractions and activities that I never had to pay for. As far as hobbies go they're relatively inexpensive too.
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    Definitely. And a good point that's often overlooked. There is a cost BESIDES just gas to drive a vehicle. Point well taken.

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    If you figure it on the IRS standard of 50.5c per mile, which accounts for fuel use as well as average wear and tear on a vehicle, that might get you a little closer to the real savings.

    On mine, I've done around 370 miles now. 370 x 50.5c/mile= $186.85. I've spent around $400 on the bike upgrades and engine and at a measured 135mpg, have used around 2.74 gallons so far. That is around $11 in gas costs.

    So, mine is almost halfway paid for.

    Here are some mileages with the IRS mileage rate of compensation..

    100 mi = $50.50
    250 mi = $126.25
    500 mi = $252.50
    1000 mi = $505.00
    2000 mi = $1010.00
    5000 mi = $2525.00
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    I'm about where you are Datz...but I'm anxious to see my AMEX bill this month - I always use it for gas, so I can really start comparing to previuos months. I've been commuting steadily for at least a month now...11 miles a day + errands and things.

    All I know is that it costs about $80 a fill up on my Acura MDX, and I usually fill up every week...and I haven't been to the gas station but twice this month, I think. I had to drive about 120 miles on Father's day, but other than that it's been a little "around town" and that's it. I get about 16/24 on good days. :(

    My lease is up in a few months, and although we want to have a good sized SUV, I'm so green lately it's killing me! I've looked at the specs on just about every SUV in it's class, and none get 30mpg on the highway. NONE. When is Detroit going to get smart and take back the auto industry? All they have to do is make cars more efficient...grrrr....and I really need an SUV living in the hurricane zone here in South Florida...they don't take pets in the shelters, so we need an "escape" vehicle...(and also a way to get my airplanes back and forth to the field, as well as my surfboard to the beach!).

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    I'm hoping my bicycle pusher will pay for itself in gas mileage and escaping costly car repairs, insurance, etc. I've spent ~$350.00 building it, and a LOT of the cost was the LITTLE stuff like nuts, bolts, tube steel, and drill bits. I got the engine cheap at only $130.00 on sale @ Harbor Freight Tools.

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    You could get a 2005-2006 Jeep Liberty CRD. They'll do 28 mpg hwy and you can brew your own bio-diesel from waste vegetable oil.

    If you want newer/bigger, 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Diesel Power magazine recently picked one up in Detroit, installed a lift and big tires, then drove to their offices in California averaging 27 mpg.
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    Diesel is NASTY, man. Why would I want to pollute the environment with both noise and exhaust pollution to gain 3-4 MPG? And the performance hit....and the need to find diesel gas, which btw costs more than 93 octane gasoline....nope....gotta keep looking.

    The Lexus SUV does around 28mpg on the highway - non-hybrid. So far, that's the best gas mileage I'm seeing. (If I'm going to be making payments, it needs to be a nice vehicle...not trying to sound snobby, but I would like the same luxury level as I have now).

    VERY COOL PIC, BTW! I'm 43 now...my mind tells me YES, YOU CAN STILL DO THAT! My body....well...um....well....it will not bounce off the ground like it did 20 years ago without breaking!

    But I still surf whenever there's waves...so I'm an extreme old dude. ;)
  15. ihatemybike

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    You're not thinking of modern diesels. They are cleaner, quieter, and more powerful than you think and get much better gas mileage than the petroleum version of the same vehicle. My wife drives a lifted gas powered Liberty and gets about 18 mpg, we know two lifted Liberty CRD owners that get 28 mpg. That's a 55% increase in mileage for 20% more expensive fuel, advantage diesel. The MPG numbers I stated are all for lifted Jeeps with real world experience. The 28 mpg for the Lexus is the EPA number which most people aren't able to duplicate with normal driving. Diesel drivers (Jeep, VW, Benz) I talk to consistently get above EPA rating without trying. Using hypermiling techniques there are people pushing their VW TDis (EPA rating of 39 mpg) to above 60 mpg.

    The Grand Cherokee Limited edition comes with all the "luxury" bell and whistles.

    Also, if you brew your own bio-D at home your effective fuel cost will be below $1.00 per gallon and since you're burning waste vegetable oil instead of dino your vehicle would be environmentally carbon neutral. Talk about having a Green SUV

    Give the Jeep CRDs a chance. Go take one for a test drive, you'll be surprised.


    Thanks for the comp on the pic. I was 32 when that pic was taken January 2007. I'm still pushing and learning new tricks.

    Been wanting to try surfing, but any time I'm near the ocean I'm either too busy or it's too cold. If the cycle keeps repeating itself then the next time I head to Florida will be Sept 2012. So I might actually get to try surfing just before my 38th birthday. Guess I should work on my skateboarding and snowboarding some more in the mean time as I hear it helps.
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    OK, you've got my attention now...I'll go check out a Jeep next week...can't hurt, that's for sure. So what's the recipe for making your own diesel?
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    Ahem. Meanwhile, back in the bike lane . . .:eek:

    Anyone else got to the point where their ride has paid for itself? Do you reward yourself with upgrades once you get there?
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    I have rationalized good bike equipment for years by this saving philosophy. The more I ride the more I save and the better equipment I need to ride more. That is why I started with a Staton kit when I started because I knew I would pay the $600.00 off in less than a year of riding. At 6 weeks in I have 800 miles collected so I am working on my upgrades and a second bike all at the same time.
  19. Sorry for derailing but the whole diesel thing.... do you know it's actually cheaper to make? Makes you wonder what oil companies are after. You know diesels go in semi's. Semi's run America.
    Anyway,back on topic!
  20. on the deisel front

    deisel may be nasty, but gas isnt mutch better. bio or a vegie oil con version are th way to ge. besides think about it one af the first ic engines was a deisel.

    on the otherote im getting excited to finish my mb recombant tadpole i call "OVERKILL"