Hauling Cargo By Bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Email, Oct 7, 2008.

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    This morning I woke up and did a lot of googling. I ran across a cargo trailer for a bicycle on E-bay, which got me started. I was thinking, can you really haul anything on a bicycle? Well the answer to that question is yes you can. One of the more famous sites is Bikes at Work. There's even some basic math and calculators to estimate what a human can pedal to deliver (it should be expanded to include MBs). For some states I think a cargo trailer/cart might have to be licensed by the state (for states that define MBs as motorcycles), but on an ordinary bicycle I think you are exempt (still uncertain about this, not found anything saying anything on either side - you have to, or you don't have to).

    People haul:
    - Appliances
    - Move From One House to the Next
    - Groceries
    - etc. (if you can do a house move, you can do anything)

    There are some other sites that tell you how to build your own. Here's one of them.

    I also got to thinking how some people use these for profit, then looked at pedicabs. Some people who use pedicabs have motorized them. I'm planning to search on here to see if any of you've already motorized a pedicab (surely one of you has). Anyways, hope cargo trailers / carts will get some of you tinkering to make your transition from a cager easier.

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    There has been more then a few posts about this on the forum, the last one I believe was referencing a pvc type trailer for cargo purposes...

    Almost anything is possible, but keep in mind that hauling heavier or non balanced items can and will drasticly change your center of gravity in riding a MB or plain bicycle.

    Safety first!
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    You'd be amazed how many different and heavy things I've strapped/bungeed to my bike. And it all gets bungeed to the top of my tool bag! Yes, my seatpost rack (Schwinn wallmart chinese expletive) is bent slightly. It did ride funny one time when I had steaks, half gallon ice cream, canned food items, 2 liter drink, and 2 24 oz fuel bottles on there!! Turn very slowly and carefully!:shock: