Have a sweet full suspension GT for someone interested in a nice conversion

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  1. johngarrettyoung

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    I have a green GT LTS 4000 full suspension mountain bike equipped with front and rear rock shox, wilderness trail seat, and avenir bar ends. I bought this bike brand new years ago and rarely rode it in Maine. Never crashed, normal wear and tear but I had a racing mountain bike and gave it to my mother to use (she certainly didn't beat it up). Bottom line this is a sweet ride and a whole lotta bike for the money. I am moving in a month and want to get it out of the apartment. I am offering this ideal machine at $450 and will entertain any reasonable offer.



  2. ocscully

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    What Size is it?

    What size is the frame and is the frame aluminum or steel?

  3. robin bird

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    Please provide a picture im super interested--send me a private note and weel email each other