have a WC-1, what year is that??

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    I don't know a thing about the bike i've had for about 3 weeks. I've tried to look it up to see that year it is. it really dosen't matter other then trying to get parts for it later. also i heard that the motor has a short life span before it will need work. I myself would like to get another 15 miles per hour out if it. if possible. any advice??

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    The WC-1 was made between 1999 and 2004. If you take the restrictor out of the intake the bike will run faster but hotter. That will shorten the life of the engine.
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    Hi Gators3079,

    I can help you identify the actual year if you want. Will need to know color, wheel size, and a few minor details to determine the model. For example the most common is the 1999 version and all are black 26" with large plaques attached to the side of the gas tank. Most later models used decals on the tank. Most 1999 models had long studs holding the rear of the cylinder to the case. The 2000 model was blue [lite], the 2003 was black and only 24" and called the Panther. The 2001 model was maroon and 24". The original 2001 was an automatic clutch but many were converted to manual at the main office. 2002 were called Pacemaker II and were offered in several colors including blue, red, and maroon [the maroon may have been a 2001 carry over]. All Pacemaker IIs had both mirrors, turn signals, and a rear rack as standard equipment.
    The 2005 [late 2004] were NE models and came in red, blue, and black. Later models of the NE5 also included maroon [very dark], yellow, & green. NE5 models also introduced the embossed gas tank.

    If you need more information, just ask.

    Have fun,
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    hey thanks foe all the info. all i really know about this bike is that it has 26" tires, it's all black W/ working turn signals. on the cables from the handlebars. there stamped WC1. reallty thats all i know. i'm sending a pic wit it also.

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    It looks like a 1999 model with the plaques removed from the gas tank. The turn signal are a later option as they are the rare black flex type [discontinued]. The speedometer is from the 1999 model and is plastic and only registers to 40 MPH. The motor is for sure a WC-1 and will need to be upgraded. Warning!!!!!!! the upgrade kits are starting to be become hard to find. I only have about 4 or 5 of my special version left in stock. The special upgrade kit will easily increase the power you are looking for in the process.

    Have fun,
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    The date of manufacture should be stamped on a data plate on the head tube of the frame.