Have Robin Subaru 35 motor, want to install with shift kit

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mlcorson, Jun 28, 2010.

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    This will be my 3rd MB, I have Staton chain drive and a BMP friction drive, both with 4 stroke Robin 35s. Both great...like my children, hard to say which is better. I bought an extra Robin engine last year at a price I couldn't refuse. The engine is crying out to be installed. I'd like to do something different...like a shift kit, either frame mounted or rack mounted. Has anyone had experience using this engine or similar with a shift kit to utilize the bikes gears? This will be my winter project...just trying to get everything together. I'm open for bike suggestions, shifter kit suggestions, and motor mounting suggestions. this engine has a clutch. Is that going to work in this situation? I'm comfortable with fabricating some simple parts if I need them. I can weld, and I have some light machine tools. What think?
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    Bring it on! I'm very interested in seeing this happen, best of luck. It seems like this lil' motor is one of the best for mb's.
    Staton gearbox to sick shift kit maybe? :cool:
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    Lets start with what gear ratio and transmission I would need to drive the shift kit. Staton gear boxes are are pricey, but certainly worth it. What other choices are there?
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    This igiving me some ideas.

    This approach is giving me some ideas.

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