have yah heard of this company

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  2. professor

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    I heard that the dynos in Southern Cal. show more power than anywhere else. Maybe there is a fudge factor figured in automatically on advertised speed too.
    I saw a lot of dumbness on that video. No helmets no shirt, no glasses.
    These are the clowns that will wreck it for everyone else.
    I would not buy kitty litter from them.
  3. wbuttry

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    Yes that is what i was thinking to just didn't wanna knock it till people had a chance to view it. If it actually hit 50 mph on a bicycle you would half to have a super reinforced frame and wheels and bearing let alone very good brakes.Dont see it myself...
  4. BiMoPed

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    Yea, you are so right.....no one ever went over 50 on a bicycle...
    How about 56 mph?
    Quite a few riders here have gone over 50 mph
  5. Wheres my dog

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    Not to sure about that quoted "4 - 5 horsepower" figure they are giving on the Ebay auction...

    How or what exactly is being done to turn out 5 horse from an HT???
  6. Porkchop

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    Anything over 50cc & 2HP and 30 miles per hour on a bicycle is probably illegal in probably all 50 states for use on public property ! So….what the heck ?
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  7. RedBaronX

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    what's kind of funny is in their description, they define "HP" ("horse power") and "MPG" ("miles per gallon"). I'm sorry, but if you don't know that "MPG" is miles per gallon, I don't think you're going to have the know-how to put together a motored bike...
  8. wbuttry

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    I feel for all the people who believe theyre lies all it is a cheap china motor painted with dollar store paint and a shiney muffler attached. It and the muffler wont be shiney after a few hours running these things will burn the paint and shine off from the heat they put out . Even if they last a few hours running theres no telling what they done to them bore them out longer crank shorter piston or they just lieing for 190.00 not worth it to find out .
  9. Wheres my dog

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    Seriously... the auction should be removed from Ebay for fraud!!!

    There is no way on this green earth that thing is pushing 5 horses... even if they showed a picture of a dyno report, I would still call it BS
  10. RedBaronX

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    but... but... but... they have videos... doesn't that mean they know what they are doing?

  11. motorpsycho

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    What bunch of b.s.!!
  12. MikeJ

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    These are many good examples of how to motivate a law that prohibits motorized bicycles in any locality. Irresponsible speeds, no helmet, riding on bicycle-only paths, riding motorized-anything on grass in public parks, and more. These riders are out to ruin this hobby for everyone that area. Learn the laws and abide by them; law enforcement officers will then leave you alone to enjoy your rides.
  13. Will Snow

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    I can not agree more. I live in California and never been stopped by the police for the many years I have been riding these motorized bicycles. But!, I obey the law and try to ride safely.

    I was just reading on this Forum, of a southern California town where the police are really cracking down. I believe it is the same town these people are located.
  14. RedBaronX

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    coincidence?!? I think not...
  15. wbuttry

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    Dont blame them thats why we dont have things in this country that we can do cause jack wads ruin it for the rest of us always.
  16. 4950cycle

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    Sometimes it is unfortinate, But yes, it is very possible to get 5 horses out of these little 2 strokes. They are very flexable if not long term dependable. You can get some big numbers per cc (size) with a 2 stroke. But they are highly inoying sounding when tricked out and spur laws against such Tom Foolery as been said.
  17. wbuttry

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    where i live nobody has these except me. And cops dont say nothing to me at all. But you bet if there were more than one of us riding these gas ponies. The posse would be hunting us down for harasment although they are legal in mo does not mean the cops care about leagality . I let them see me riding mine all the time so they get used to us then i would like to add another rider slowly add more and more of us .
  18. 4950cycle

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    You can't sneak past a financially manipulating government. As soon as the fat cats are effected in any way, They will be out to ruin our day. Bet on it !
  19. wbuttry

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    oh yes thats for sure thats one reason i would like to introduce these to our police chief .We known each other for a few years on a good way. Put one on a police bike that our cops use during summer and let them give it a run. I might be able to get a few sold im already gonna open a booth at our home and garden show this spring. So i gotta get a good build going new bike sanded and stripped repainted and motorized with custom everything seat wheels whatever.
  20. 4950cycle

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    Good Press

    Oh yea, You gotta show them were not all out of control Punks !:ack2: