Have you ever taken your bike through a drive-thru?


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12:56 AM
Feb 19, 2008
Sacramento, CA
I was wondering if anyone here has ever bought food or used a drive-thru on their motored bike?

I did the other night and thought it was hilarious. I was on my way home and I stopped at JacknBox and got some food through the drive-thru. She didn't say anything to me... she didn't really speak English very well.... Normally I park my bike outside and eat inside but they were closed inside. I live right next to this particular establishment so I took the food home to eat. There was also a sign that says for your safety we won't serve people on foot, bicycles or other Non-motorized vehicles.

Anyone else ever do that?
Drive Through Bank

I made a deposit at a drive drive in teller. The teller did not say a word as though it happens every day.
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I stopped at an ATM today with my Schwinn Point Beach 80cc...got an interesting look from the driver behind me who was driving a huge FORD 250.... Had to laugh. You can be big and get from point A to B and pay 20 dollars or you can be small and pay 3 cents to do the same thing!
I go through the drive up ATM in my town all the time. I try not to eat the disgusting **** that comes out of drive through windows anyways I always go inside so I can actually talk to the people making my food face to face.
Drive up tellers pretty often. What's cool is that the tellers in three banks the same branch I frequent miles apart from each other know me enough to not ask for ID.
I bet to them I'm the Motormotor Bikebike Supermanmanman...
Ok... I didn't go thru a drive-thru... But I was working on my van last summer... And I ran out of beer... So I got on my old Suburban with the kings motor and ran down to Quick Trip about 1/2 a mile away. Well on weekends they hire off duty cops. So I pull up, go in and by a 30 pack of Busch Beer. While I'm strapping it down with bungie cords to my rack, out comes a Jackson County Sheriff...

I'll never forget this... He said "Dude this is wrong on SO many levels..." and laughed. Gotta love the Jackson Co. Missouri Sheriffs... They are cool.

I looked at him, got on and drove home... I can only wonder what my big old butt looked like with the 30 pack on that bike....

Tires were sure looking flat. :eek:
I've gone through the teller's drive through at the bank. No one even looked twice! I was kinda surprised.

yea i did it at wendys the dude said u have to come in cas u dont have a motor i reved it...... he said oh//// i payed for my food lol