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Haven't rode in months! Need some cleaning...



Hey guys! I haven't rode my little 2-stroke motoredbike in months, specifically since the middle of December. Since then it has been sitting in the cold, rain and baking sun for nearly 5 months. I stopped riding it because one of the headbolts stripped and I somewhat quickly grew tired of having to replace x y and z on my bike every week. My plan is to disassemble my bike, top to bottom and reassemble it way more securely than it is right now so things don't break with such frequency (loctite, loctite, lock-nuts whatever she needs.)

I'll save questions on what to do to toughen up my bike for the search system but until then I was wondering specifically what I should look to be cleaning when i'm going through everything. Should I clean out the cylinder? What should I use? Should I clean out the gas tank? Should I grease anything? Look at certain bits to replace? (clutch?) Any tips regarding cleaning off and out my little engine and it's remaining parts would be greatly appreciated. :)



I think new gas is clearly in order.

Replace every original bolt that you can- not because of the 5 months down, but because they were bad to begin with. I just today replaced the last original bolts left from my kit- those that hold the tensioner on.

On that note, make sure your chains are cleaned and lubricated and make sure there are no stiff links.

Make sure all the cables work freely and lubricate them. As for the clutch, just lubricate the linkages and make sure they are moving freely. Same for the throttle.

I would at least clean the plug, but they are pretty cheap, so just replace it.

Personally, I would not clean out the cylinder really, but when I had the plug out, I would put a few drops of oil in there and slowly turn to make sure the piston is free and lubricated before start up.

Make sure the basic bike stuff is good to go, the try to start her up and go!


Appreciate the tips! I'm slowing buying the little bits and pieces I need to really fix her up (new bolts, nuts, fresh oil, chain lube, and some other pieces I want on there) and should have her disassembled and cleaned off in a week or two. Another quick question: How should I dispose of the old gas in the tank? I'm sure I can siphon the gas out no problem, but what would I do with it? I'm pretty positive that old gas isn't trash-can friendly. :)