Having a happytime with #41 chain

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  1. s_beaudry

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    Thought I read about this in a post, but searched for it and can not find it.

    I am pretty sure I have read that a stock happytime kit from any vendor can be used out of the box with a #41 chain, is this true?

    Can you use #41 chain on a standard HT engine sprocket?

  2. echotraveler

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    yep your correct...there is even a link of a vendor that carries different colors.

    the thread cant be that far down
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    41 chain does NOT come in different colors.....
    It is very industrial chain that Ace hardware stocks and
    is used for chain on automatic gate openers, etc

    It has 1/4" between the link plates as opposed to 3/16" in the 415
    chain that comes with the 2 stroke kits

    My new EZ Motorbike kit came with a 41 chain and the front sprocket
    teeth are a hair under 1/4" wide.

    It will work on a 2 stroke kit IF your chain is pulling to the outside
    otherwise it is wide enough to rub on the motor housing under the
    front sprocket.
    I would not use it for a 2 stroke as there are much better choices
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  4. echotraveler

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    thanx forbisher, hope the info helps s beaudry

    but im sure somebody posted a link to an industrial site, were they sell #41 chain in different colors....not really interested but would be pretty cool to have a red chain or a emerald green chain lol