Carby Having carb/spark trouble on my 48cc skyhawk

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by TenaciousT, Mar 26, 2012.

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    Hi out there. I have a 48cc Grubee Skyhawk gt2b with a yuandong carb. the prolems started from the begining. Crappy Chinese bolts and fittings. Well replaced most of them so far because I have had it on three different bikes. third ones been a charm. but was having trouble with spark and carb. would idle great all day, but put under power it would 4-stroke and fall right on it's face. i left it alone for the winter (i live in Montana:>) but we are having an easy spring and i need a cheaper mode of transportation. got it all hooked up the other day but it still would only go to about a quarter throttle and die. adjusted the carb and it idled great. no power and still fell on its face. so i read on this site and others that loads of people were having the same problem. they had sent me a spare plug, as the first one kept fouling, so today i put it in, removed the red cover on carb. but left black spacer that keeps the carb from sucking the filter in. went for a ride. at first i thought i was getting too much gas, but soon realized a few more small problems that i had created. the cap that attached to the spark plug was a peice of junk. replaced it with a ngk. improvement. but only alittle. so as i was riding, still with my red cover off, i placed my hand over the carb with a small space in between my middle and ring finger, took off like a champ. so i apllied a low grade tech idea. i put duct tape over the black peice. restricted it to a litttle less air. improved alot. was able to climb a steep grade hill but is still alittle sluggish. the set screws on the carb are only for when it sits and idles. now with a little more tinkering i should be able to get some more out of it. im just not sure if im still getting too much air or if it is getting too much gas. have to wait till tomarrow to find out. but will keep you all posted. any ideas to help me would be great but i'm broke and have to use parts around the house. please keep that in mind. Peace

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    Dude don't waste your time on that carb,just buy a NT and filter and a NGK spark-plug,if you do a search on here you will find what you need !!!
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    just something to try pull the little hose of the right side of carb the one that runs back to the air filter and put air filter cover back on and run it then.Hope this helps if it runs better leave it off.
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    Sounds like you haven't fixed all of the common air-leaks. If you have to choke the engine with your hand or pieces of tape, it's obviously running far too lean from a lack of vacuum.

    And please, try some punctuation, indentation and summarization in your next post. That was absolute **** to read.
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    the "enter" key


    your friend

    when used

    wisely :)

    block intake with tape= choke = extra fuel/less air. so unblocked, the carb must be too...lean!

    as above...fix air leaks, get an nt...drill the jets...etc :)
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    yes it's running way too lean.
    either you have a major air leak, or your main jet is partially plugged up.
    it's getting way too much air (air leak) or not enough fuel (plugged jet).