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    Hi all. I was expecting the grip throttle that came with both HT kits would have a nub or bump that would fit in a hole (I would have to drill) in the handlebar that would prevent the entire throttle assembly from spinning on the handlebar. Mine did not, and the grip mechanism does, in fact, turn freely. If I tighten down too much, then no part of the grip will rotate at all. I hope I'm missing something obvious here. Please help--many thanks!

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    what I know is that during my install, the guys that were helping me
    do my bike, cut a nib off internal to the clamp option on the accelerator
    and put in some pieces of thick rubber glove.
    (i only had gloves not bike tyre, its still working :)

    Its recommended that you use bicycle tube if you go this route.

    I think it could work without the nib cut.
    But the rubber of some sort against the handle bar metal is essential.
    Try it, let me know.

    I have never thought of drilling the handle bar to install
    the accelerator, you may be onto something there.
    on consideration, you need to make that cut if you do not
    want to drill the hole.

    Have just read about drilling the handle.
    there is an instruction page for install at ZBOX


    There will be alot of postings on installing this anyway.
    My advice is to not use the white wire (white tormentor of death, as its known) into the handle bar
    kill switch.

    This is recommended to be blue to black per zbox.

    if you're an advanced rider you could go this option,

    Pull the spark-plug out until you get a kill switch.
    By Design, that handle bar (red death, thats my term) kill switch, will gradually cause your magneto
    to fail, (its inside the engine.)

    DO SEAL ALL ELECTRICALS with electrical tape or better.
    DO make sure no water gets inside the left side electricals,
    use a sealant to seal that hole, or get a rubber bung.

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    Drill a small hole and screw in a thin sheet metal screw. Its a standard procedure on each throttle I install. If you overtighten those plastic throttle assemblies w built in kill switch, they will crack and fall apart.
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    Make sure that you have the throttle about half on as you tighten down the mounting. Mine would pinch the throttle barrel if you let the carb spring hold the throttle closed while you tighten it all the way down. Kind of fidget with it as you are tightening.
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    Wow... I wish you would have posted this yesterday.

    I received a bike with one of these crappy twist grip throttles, but it was broken on arrival. I finally got the part yesterday and started breaking the bike in.

    Today, I wasn't so lucky. I hopped the tiniest curb, and when I lifted up on the handlebars the throttle broke off and my hand flew off the handlebars, tightly clinched onto the throttle grip. All this threw my balance way off, and I got a few scratches on my palm & jammed my toe pretty good (crocs are still not acceptable footwear... real shoes only!). Luckily, my bike only got one tiny scratch. Phew... better me than the bike!!