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    time to stick it to the man. I already ride a motor cycle,45 miles a gallon.
    Not good enough for me. this site is right on man , love it.

    I live in san jose cali. got a 15 mile drive to fremont and i want to do it on a motoredbike. I have spent a couple hours looking at piks and stuff on this site. I have a fs elite 6 speed cruiser type bike (cheapy from sears) hanging in my garage, Im 6 ft 250lbs thought maybe a chain drive 80cc set up?????
    any way i can tell this is a awesome forum just from browsing. Im really looking forward to this project.

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    Welcome to the forum Oilee You should fit in here real good. This place is full of wonderful people who will help you in any way they can. Really good people here. As mar as any questions you may have, use the search feature in case your questions have already asked but if you don't see what you want then fire away and someone will be there to help ya.

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    Welcome, oilee--I think you've found the right place! :cool:
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    That will do.
    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!