HD 415 Chain

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  1. BirthNight

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    Hey Guys, do you think this chain will work? I'm assuming it will since it says 415 in the description. It looks super heavy-duty and I want something stronger than the 415 chain that came with my kit. It broke 5 minutes into the first ride! :veryangry:


    I just want a "go ahead" from someone before I spend the 30$

    -Just noticed - - - the little metal piece on the master link that sort of keeps it locked together is metal instead of plastic! AWESOME~

  2. bamabikeguy

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    Why don't you switch to .410? Heavier and more forgiving on minor alignments.

    Every post I've read about chains say that is the way to go, and it is available at a variety of stores in your neighborhood?

    .410 is the standard for agricultural and small machinery use.