HD Lightning Owner DAN POOR customer service!

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Fast Shag, Jun 1, 2015.

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    After talking with Dan Buchanan Sr. from HD Lightning cdi about how my cdi didn't work at low rpms ie. not sparking for starting or idling, he gave every excuse that it wasn't his cdi. Changed the mag, coil, rewired, nothing. slapped a stock one on, fired right up! He said I had ONE day to send it to him! 2 months old! I got back to him bout a week later on FB asking his address to send the cdi back for testing......HE BLOCKED ME!!! LOL! Talk about fine customer service! So a couple months later, I call Bikeberry up to see what they could do.(got it from them on sale) It was way past warranty, and they said ship it.....I did and it came back as a BAD CDI. Bikeberry just sent a new one to me! Thanks BIKEBERRY!!!! Great customer service! And for Dan, his son, and his way of business, very poor!!! Let it be heard!!!

  3. I am sure glad, I'm not the only one. That's received a bad one. My case not only did receive one bad CDI but two in a row!
    I'm disabled, and it is really hard to try and start these things. First time I replaced and went over everything.
    Only to find out the new CDI was bad. Second time went over everything again, thinking it could not be the CDI. But again it was.
    Second one I did not put it on, for a a few weeks. So do not want to send it back again. I got it from Sickbikes, excellent customer service, sent me a new one. Before I even boxed bad one up. So hate to send it back again.
    I will never buy another one. Guess it's the Jaguar CDI for me