HD Rear Suspension Seatpost



hey guys, saw one of these on craigslist in my area, so i researched it up a little. I had an inline suspension seatpost on my last hardtail mountain bike, and i liked it but the whole bike got stolen after only two days of having it so i have no comprehensive review. I was looking at getting something similar for my mtb, and now that i've seen these i'm pretty interested.


i don't know about every one else, but when i ride my mtb now, i go pretty fast. the roads in ottawa are notorious because we have REALLY bad frost heave every year; the city hasn't been keeping up AT ALL because we have a crook for a mayor unfortunately :(. So basically, the side of the road is either unridable arround storm grates, or just really bumpy and full of cracks. It becomse tiring to stand on your pedals for more then an hour at a time, since the only movement is taking the bumps, and id love to be able to lower the threshold on standing up. From the reviews i found through google they seem pretty neat and solid, if a little expensive. Perhaps i'll think about getting one in a month or two when i have $$$ again.
Mar 16, 2008
I just have a "cheap" seatpost on my motor assisted bike, but have a rockshox post on my non motor assisted bike. The roads here are semi rough and no shoulders most places, and I like to ride trails on occasion. I looked at the Thudbusters and reviews were good. The one suggestion would be to purchase the cover to go over the suspension part to keep dirt out.


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Jan 11, 2008
I put an inexpensive kalloy suspension seatpost on my cruiser, and it really helps out. Coupled with an Easy Seat II, and I'm "Sittin' Pretty," (if you'll pardon the expression)

Eventually, though, I would like to try a Thudbuster. I don't think it's as advantageous in a street setting as off-road, but, they do have an excellent reputation.
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