hd sprocket/hub and brake ??s relating to spoke gauge and rim

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  1. I will be building up a new bike. Parts are from Bike engines .com. Kit I will be using is the 50cc honda gxh50 frame mount. I don't like the spoke mounted sprocket that comes with the kit. I have ordered the HD hub/axel with 56 tooth sprocket and brake. here are my ??s that hopefully someone can answer. How well does the hd brake stop the bike compaired to caliper ,coaster,drum or disc? I have had these type band brakes on mini bikes and go karts and they seemed to do ok. I'm going to lace up the hub and need rim suggestions/recommendations for my 1.95 armadillo tires and the length and gauge spokes you used. Like I said I have alread ordered the hd axle/hub,sprocket and brake kit.To save shipping costs I added the 1 gallon tear drop black gas tank and the center kick stand to push the order over $100 for free ship cost . Will appreciate all suggestions and help
    Ride safe wear a :helmet:

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    Let me start out by saying that I've never built a wheel using this hub before. But will share some tid-bits of info. I've learned from threads on this site. The hub as purchased is drilled for 12g spokes, and building it up with smaller gauge spokes can be problematic in that the spoke head wants to pull thru the holes in the hub flange. small SS spoke washers remedy this problem. As to the rim Question ?. Most of the better rims made today have eyelets in the spoke holes and these are sized for 14g spokes & nipples. To use 12g spokes and nipples the holes in the rim need to drilled out. Drilling out the spoke holes is much easier in a rim without eyelets. Velocity rims are a really good quality rim that comes without eyelets. Spoke calculators are available on-line this one from the Sheldon Brown web site is a good one http://sheldonbrown.com/rinard/spocalc.htm You need to have the various hub and rim dimensions available to use it.

  3. Thanks for the advise. I'm planning on using 12g spokes so hearing that the grubee hub is drilled for 12g is a good thang. I had forgotten about Sheldons spoke calculator and will revisit the site soon. Sheldon was a cool dude. I used to visit his web site often. :icon_cry: RIP
  4. spoke and rim answers and rhd free wheel info

    Well I got my info on spoke length and rim. I emailed Don grubee and asked him what length they use on the hd axel equipped motor ready cruiser that they are selling. 158mm 12 gauge spokes was the answer + a 26" double walled steel rim [Xia something]. Staton-inc.com has 160mm 12gauge spokes for 39 cents each and a steel HD rim that has been drilled for the 12 gauge spokes nipples. Some of the other HD axel owners are posting about the right side free wheel. The grubee HD axel site shows the freewheel they use. I copied the photo to my pictures and zoomed in and read
    "odyssey bmx 13 t rhd". Real common BMX freewheel that is available from 10 to 13 teeth and rhd or left hand drive. $18
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  6. I type the wrong length.My Bad

    My Bad typo Your right it should be 258mm
  7. 10&5/8" = 269.875mm Too long for the HD axel . Staton's spokes at .39cents x 72 = $28.08 plus shipping might be a little cheaper that the ebay guy.Any who statons spokes are a closer match to grubee's 258mm quote