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Head Bolt Help



My head gasket seemed to be leaking air out the back of the engine.
I tried tightening the bolts only to find that the back 2 bolts would not tighten. I believe there stripped out?
I then removed the head and found the gasket to be blown out. So I ordered a new head gasket but I'm not sure what to do about the stripped head bolts.
Also I inspected the threads of the bolts and there fine. So I'm thinking it's the case that's stripped? Any suggestions .....JB Weld I don't know....



The same thing happened to me. I tried the JB Weld and it didn't hold. Luckily I had a spare casing to use. Hopefully somebody will have a suggestion other than replacing the casing.


Well-Known Member
Nov 4, 2006
"they" say you can tap new threads in your engine. I've never tried. someone here will know what size tap to use. you can get larger engine studs at machinery supply stores.


There is a type of thread repair known as a heli-coil. Its is also a brand name of thread repair coils. The repair is to drill the stripped hole out to a controlled oversize which corresponds to the outside thread of the repair coil. Then tap the hole to match that thread. Install the repair coil into the prepared hole. The inside of the coil is the same as the stripped thread was originally. Most of the coils are actually a spiral of diamond shaped cross-section stainless steel. I have machined similar coils out of rod stock threaded on the outside and drilled and tapped on the inside. If you install an oversize stud into the engine instead of using a heli-coil and reusing the original size stud, you might have to drill out the stud hole in cylinder and head to accomodate the larger stud.


When tightning the head bolts you should use a torque wrench and torque each bolt to 90 inch pounds . this is what simpson from simpson motor bikes says to torque the head bolts to and when i had my head of my engine this is what i tourqued them to


I am curious what difference is between torque and precess, any solutions?