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  1. john B.

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    Can I put lock tight on them?? How do I make a 48cc motor as quiet as possible. When it is running. I know if it is off it will be quiet. Will Bommer exaust do it?? If so where do I find that??

  2. spad4me

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    The locktite will liquefy at engine headbolt temp.
    Use nylock bolts instead.
    The lawn mower muffler that sick bike parts sells helps, or just go to ACE Hardware and pick up the biggest lawnmower muffler. I believe it is about six inches long.
    I make my exhaust out of old handlebars and rings made of seatpost material.. All that I use is ine of those mufflers it is super quiet, With almost no restriction.
    It would really quiet down the stock muffler.
    I do not know what type of exhaust you are referring to.
  3. john B.

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    Can you explain??

    I dont mean to be a dumb *** can you walk me through your exaust that is super quiet with out restriction. And also how long do you think it will last Im in Phoenix where there is little to no rain. THANKS!!!
  4. Skyliner70cc

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    Red locktite holds just fine at cylinder head temps.

    I would not loctite stock studs.

    Go to fastenel and get some replacement all thread cut to size for your engines. I strongly recommend JB welding the new studs into the lower threads of the block. Too many pulled/stripped block threads in the forums. I JB weld all of my new welds and can torque that darm head a ton without worries.
  5. spad4me

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    I live in AZ as well ,the funky monsoon ruined my cvt bearings.. I replaced them finally.
    Go to ACE hardware buy the largest lawn mower muffler they have It should be about six inches long with a 3/4 pipe thread . Install this on the end of your stock happytime muffler .
    It is a small glasspack type muffler.