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    I check over my engine today and noticed something i should have noticed when taking the motor out of the box about a month ago.

    There is a gap on one side of the head cylinder that mounts on to the piston cylinder. I think the factory or whoever put it together didn't tight it down evenly. I'm pretty sure i'm looking at the piston through the gap.

    I don't want to touch the head bolts or take the head off as i don't have a torque wrench to put it back on evenly myself. I tried to tighten it down but its already to tight and wont budge on that one corner.

    would the gap make the engine lose compression?
    What damage will it cause if i ride it as is? (which i won't be)

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    If there is a gad you will have oil blow out there and loose compression. This is one of the reasons I recommend milling the head right out of the box.

    Things I do BEFORE mounting and running engine ...
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    If you do not have the oily symptoms of a leaking head gasket, chances are that you are seeing the ridge on the cylinder head creating the illusion that the head and cylinder are not tight to each other. None the less, you would be much better off following Al.Fisherman's recommendations. Your engine will be much better off for it.
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    I don't have oily symptoms where the head mounts on to the cylinder (from the little gap i'm talking about, but i have it on the top of the head itself, I'm guessing from the spark plug hole?

    My performance bullet head arrived in the mail today, i will be going to the hardware shop today to purchased a torque wrench and Mr bolt mans (his shop name lol) to get the bolts mentioned in your post of what to change over.

    I was thinking about getting high tensile hex key/alan key bolts for the panels and intakes, eg clutch, magneto, carby inlet, and exhaust port.

    like the photo below:


    By the way Al.Fisherman. I love the tear down engine photos. Helps alot!! :)