Head Gasket..............66cc

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    Hi gang,

    I took off head gasket/+ Milled head....on 2010 66cc..

    GOSH, MAJOR TORQUE...............................(at this point it's a major +)


    ....Glen :)
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  2. Apachekid

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    And I guess you put new gasket back on.....did you get it from SBP? I got same engine only 2009, which has developed an air leak. I think its the head. Just wondering what you torqued head bolts to? My gasket doesnt look good
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    No, I did not use gasket. I milled head and cleaned well (both head itself and top of jug,) I then put back on with copper sealant on both head and jug. Then torqued head in (Z) cofiguration at 12lbs. Just take time with air leaks. They generally always come from around the intake or carb mounting I've found.

    With standered head look out, but with slant head (using NGK B6 plug) everything cleared well. You've got to becareful and check plug (plug chop) because it will want to run leaner at higher compression.
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    I just replaced head gasket...torqued bolts as much as I could without busting em. I get same problem--air leak..I already swapped carbs and new intake gasket, o ring..... same thing ....sprayed around for leaks, cant find any. Im now thinking its base gasket which I dont have another one. If I pull cylinder and put on some non hardening gasket sealer, will I have any trouble sliding cylinder back over piston rings?
    Ive built a bunch of bikes but never had a base gasket sucking air, but Im out of ideas....plug chop at WOT, plug is off white. I get no idle unless choke is halfway.....take off choke and she starts running away. Its running too lean for me to ride until I figure air leak. Ive got a lot of miles on this engine, so maybe base gasket is gone....What else can it be? It does seem a little wet in spots.
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    Finally, I got it back. I think it was the clutch stop bolt was backing off......or the base gasket. That's the thing about an air leak, you just keep sealing and resealing until you finally get it......maybe you never know where it was.........Apache
  6. I had a base gasket leak on one of my engines and it was blowing oil out all over my left shoe....I pulled the cylinder up and scraped the gasket off and used gasket sealer and slide the cylinder back down and then torqued the head bolts to 12 pounds....When I fired it up the piston was tapping the head very lightly and didnt have enough clearence so I doubled up with a extra aluminum head gasket and it gave the piston enough clearence....