Head gasket broken, is it needed at all?

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  1. Hi there, story goes as follows (don't worry its quite short)

    One of the head bolts lost its thread and wouldnt tighten, i REALLY needed to get somewhere so had to use it .. bad idea really! After 15 miles it finally gave up and the result is this:


    So yeah that sooper thin head gasket at the top is kinda broken ..

    i have two options:

    :arrow: Not use it at all? This will boost compression because of the smaller space, but is this wise?! i mean i'll go easy with it, but would it leak at all or anyhting?? i've tried searching but to no useful result!

    :arrow: umm bend the gasket (the broken bit) over and hammer it so it joins part of the "ring"?

    Need input quickly as i really need to get riding tomorrow, this is my only form of transportation :p

    cheers in advance

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  2. spad4me

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    Fix the headbolt.

    A high temp paper type gasket material with red rtv sealant will replace the factory head gasket.
  3. thats for a two piece head right? if so then its probly not a good idea to try "high temp paper" that i garuntee will burn up. so fix your bolt with whats called a heli coil and see if you can find a replacement.
  4. yeah i've got replacement bolt, thats no problem anymore, am just simply wondering what i can do with this gasket .. its 0.85 mm thick .. i mean i can try putting it all together and see if it actually works :p just wondering if anyone else has tried it?
  5. stude13

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    ive read here that pablo leaves out the gasket and spray paints surfaces with silver paint. go to search.
  6. wanger

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    drink can cut out same shape and use being aluminium [im australian[ will compress creating an improved seal than no gasket at all
    cost 1 can your beverage of choice mine WILD TURKEY or could be a can collector and salvage off side road cost no 5 cent deposit refund on can:shock::rolleyes:
  7. hey ^ that would work haha but also use copper spray a gasket as well to be sure. silver paint isnt the best thing for the rings i imagine
  8. Bronzebird

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    Some good information on head gasket replacement

    Copper spray, is that spray paint or special copper gasket spray coating?
    The 2 piece head design on the 80cc seems faulty in concept.
  9. fetor56

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    Fix the head bolt & buy a new gasket,it's not the gaskets fault it failed in the first place.
  10. UPDATE:

    Ok head bolts are all fixed, however i have no gasket to hand, and repairing the old one didnt work at all, it leaked a lot, SO what is did was this:

    :arrow: didnt use the head gasket at all!

    It fires up and runs well!
    My guess is, that removing the gasket decreases the volume of the stroke, thus i have less CC's, although there is a higher compression ratio due the the stroke now having 0.85mm less 'room' to ignite in ..
  11. relaxxx

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    I replaced my exhaust gasket with high temp. red silicone from walmart and it holds out great. If my head gasket went I would try the same stuff.
  12. hill climber

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    when you guys say high temp red silicone are you talking about the ogange high temp rtv?
  13. kcmcf

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    just had this happen to a friend of mine we went to another friend that we thought might have something laying around his shop. he cut us 4 square's of aluminum slap then on a metal lathe made the center hole for us in under 10 min. after he got done he told us that what they do with rc plane motors if they blow a head gasket is to clean surfices then take red lock tight and put a small film around the bore and tighten it up. we tried that and it worked, he has been riding that waay for over 2 weeks now, but he does have 4 gaskets made up just in case.

  14. wanger

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    deposit on cans has gone up 2 10cents gee this gasket is getting dearer just doubled in price:smile:
    can scabs might b able 2 eat now:grin: