Head gasket or bore variance

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    What you will be looking at is a variance in head gaskets.
    The engine is a Chinese 66/80cc engine with a slant head. The head was milled flat.
    There were 2 thin gaskets installed.
    There is a base gasket installed.

    Photo 01 is a shot at a stock new head gasket.
    Photo 02 is a shot at a gasket (one of two closest to piston) that was hit by the piston. The area of arrows looks like a saw blade.
    Photo 03 is a shot of the 2nd of 2 gaskets. Arrow shows eaten up area. Closest to head.
    Photo 04 is a new gasket OVER a hit gasket, you can see the chewed up gasket (dark)..arrows.
    Photo 05 is a used gasket over gasket #2. You can see the bottom gasket depicted by the dark area.
    And for grins a blown gasket. Photo 06

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