Head lights and tail lights

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    Like the headlight.....not cheap but looks like it puts-out a tight/descent beam.
  3. Its only about 6 bucks more than the chrome 2 flashlight bulb hi/low one i bought and this one uses a 9v instead of the 2 double AA s , very brite compared to them. This way you can run the tail light off the magneto and run batteries in the headlight = more power to pass your buds and even in the daytime these tail lights are very visible and at night youll need sunglasses to look at em lol.
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    I know this is an old thread. Is there any way you could post a link of that tail light. Just curious what kind it is.
  5. Got it off eBay but don't see any like it now. Switched all but one to a flashing bicycle tail light. 5 modes uses aaa battery. Other one I use a baby bullet light off eBay. Just swap 12v bulb for 6 v. Do not try kryptonite bulb or it will not start. Ask me how I know ha. Bout pulled out my hair on that on. Messed with the carb and changed out the bulb at same time. Kept thinking it was the carb. Not. Changed bulb and it fired right up. Would sound like it was trying to start but wouldn't. Bulb pulled too many volts off the mag to give good spark.
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    I just checked out the 12 Volt Lithium batteries at Advanced Auto Parts. They are pretty awesome but $100 they are super lightweight and will run LEDs for months. definitely want to lock that bad boy up on your bike somehow.
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