Head studs?

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    i purchased the heavy duty engine bolt kit. There are 4 large bolts(Allen head) that are same size as head studs. I assume these replace the studs. Just inquiring because I have never seen bolts hold the head on. It's typically studs and nuts. If so, I guess anytime you want to just remove your head, the entire jug becomes lose as well. Unless I'm missing/not understanding something here.
    Finally got my piston windowed so wanting to put together today.
    I understand to use Teflon on the head, but do I use it between jug and case?

    Getting close!

    Thanks all


  2. Neufcruz

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    Thanks Headsmess. Got your answer in other thread.
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    One thing. It makes swapping pistns a snap and I'll keep the studs so when installing jug I can thread in alight with ease.
    Man these engines are pretty easy to work on as most have said.
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    Yes, they are a dream for doing mods one at a time. Total top end swap takes about 15 minutes.

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    Good thing because the windowed piston I bought was the wrong size. 5mm to tall. I'm lucky I had the piston all the way at top and actually saw piston sticking up past jug. I'll go swap for right one tomorrow and put it back in.
    I had a pair of medical forceps that work great for putting in the piston pin clips. Great having the right tools as well.
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    Is this kit stainless steel? If you use stainless steel into aluminum you need to get a special grease. SS and aluminum do not go well together. On the bolt kits that are SS on Harley s come with a special grease. So many think that SS is the way to go which I found out the hard way they are not.
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    All hardened bolts I have used have broke the stock ones are fine. You do up the hardened ones and when something moves thay don't and brake. For me eny way
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    I've never broken a stock stud, but I've stretched several to the point of being unusable. I've broken grade 8 bolts but it takes a lot longer to do than stretching stock studs.