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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by beentryin, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. beentryin

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    anyone know what sbp ex chamber header length gives what powerband for low-end vrs top-end

  2. loquin

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    and this relates to a bicycle in what way?

    I assume that this thread should be moved to the two-stroke garage/tech help forum?
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    a lil bit harsh for an administrator no? the pipe goes on a bike thats how it relates
  4. Pablo

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    This should help a tad: SBP install junk in the trunk
  5. beentryin

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    really? hey my bad didnt know i commited a felony wont happen again.believe it.wow!!!!!!! umm isnt this the REPAIR AND MODIFACATION thread? like moding a ex chamber?
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  6. Pablo

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    Nothing I said, I hope.
  7. beentryin

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  8. beentryin

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    i was just wondering what short header length vrs long .is long better for torque or top end.
  9. Pablo

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    For one thing, there is only a certain range of lengths where the tuning actually works. You have to be in a range that "gets on the pipe", IOW you have to be at a length where the expansion chamber is actually working for you. You rev and you feel power COME ON - then you can shorten the pipe to raise the RPM of the power band a bit.

  10. beentryin

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    its has good mid to top end but bogs below 10 15 mph i want more low end torque
  11. Pablo

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    That may not be related to your pipe length at all. What does your plug look like?
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    The question was asked. The OP did not respond with a request to move the thread

    Boarder line disrespect Taco.

    Also it is on topic to the max in the garage area. Simple reading of the headers would be sufficient to prevent posts in the incorrect forum.
    Not a felony, but do you realize how many threads have to be moved on a daily basis because people will not simply read the rules.

    And Taco, that was very mild. Would you rather that an infraction was given and the thread deleted?
    Consider this a warning. I have moved the thread to the appropriate fourm.
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    Been in and out - mostly out - for the past couple of weeks.

    The forum description where this post was originally made is:

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    beentryin, as Stan4d mentions, it's not "a felony," but, we would like you to think about where you put your questions, as the mods end up having to move the ones that get put in 'out of place.'