Headlight running off the engine, what kind do I need/setup?



Basically...I want to run a headlight off my engine. Or a powerful enough one that runs off batteries to be able to see going at 30 mph. Am I looking for a 6v Headlight? How do you hook it up to the engine? I heard you connect it to the white wire, but then what about your kill switch?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Well Chris I tried everything and the strongest bike light gave enough light at night to give you enough time to say OH SH**! before you hit something I ended up getting a small 12 volt battery from a scooter shop and a 12 vt head light I am now waiting for a solar trickle charger that I ordered to mount on my bike to charge the battery when not in use but so far the battery seems to be doing good and I can see at night and can be seen.

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