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    Last summer I bought a used chainguard, and headlight off the net from France.
    They were both a little rough, but after lots of time sanding, polishing and modifying, they are both on the bike.
    The headlight was originally designed for use with a generator, so no on-off switch, but I wanted one that incorporated batteries so the light would remain on when the bike was stopped. Accordingly, I modified the case so I could insert a battery holder for 4 rechargeable AAA batteries, installed a double pole double throw mini toggle switch, and modified the 5-LED light set from a $5.00 bicycle light from a liquidation joint to insert into the light's original reflector. It doesn't look as nice as a single 6v bulb would, but I figure it will be a lot easier on batteries.
    I plan on using the 6v supply from the engine mag. to charge the batteries.
    I set up the toggle switch so that in the center position, everything is off - forward turns the light on, and charges the battery, - and back keeps the light off, but charges the battery.
    Hopefully this won't cause problems with my Jaguar ignition, but I'll have to wait for summer riding season to find out.
    If anyone has any opinions on this, please let me know.

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