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Jun 8, 2017
This is just a heads up for those looking at boxes to hide components in. I was originally looking at the aluminum oil box that is sold for the Sportsman Flyer which doesn't really fit anything other than their Sportsman Flyer frame.

Well some mentioned some interest in what I come up with for a box for storing electrical components in or for storage. Well I decided against making anything metal because most people I don't think could follow through and make the same thing easily as I could.

So the next best thing, I am trying to get the dimensions of the Jaguar CDI box, I also will wait till my fenders come in so I can see how much room I have between the rear of the seat post and the fender itself.

Basically my current line of thought is these ABS plastic electronic project boxes as they are called. They come in many different sizes and some have mounting pedestals cast inside the box for attaching items inside the box via screws. For me I am going to see if I can find a black ABS plastic project box of a large enough size to house the Jaguar CDI so all one will see is simply the coil mounted on the frame and my wires. I also will be using this box to install a toggle switch which will be used for switching my headlight/tail light on and off as I have came to a decision on powering my lights. I also will be using a unique flush mounted key switch which will be used for the CDI kill switch. Basically key in switched on will complete the circuit and switch the key off and it will kill the circuit. This will eliminate wires running up to the handle bars as I am trying to keep my set up fairly clean looking and I already am getting cluttered up on the handle bars with all the cables I have routed as of now.

For those that are curious here is the kind of boxes I am looking at, this one has a rubber strip for waterproofing.


Any holes cut into the box for wires to pass through will need a grommet of some kind to provide some kind of seal especially if you are going to be using it out in the rain.

Aside from that only things that would be mounted on my frame other than this box and the coil will be a Voltage Regulator/Rectifier so I can convert a 12V AC generator signal into a smooth 12V DC signal.

If I can find a box tall enough to fit and house everything I need I might brain storm on figuring out making a form of locking compartment for storing wallets in and such. I should be able to get a lock tumbler and have it keyed to use the same key as the kill switch. But I am getting ahead of myself as I do not have dimensions for the Jaguar CDI yet nor do I have dimensions of how much room I will have between my rear fender and frame.

My current line of thought for mounting for those that are curious is to use a tube clamp that will effectively go through the inside of the box to clamp it to the frame itself. For me black will work since my theme is red with black trim and chrome accents. For those that are wanting to color match it you can use some adhesion promoter to get paint to stick to the plastic box real good and can color it how you want. Nice thing with this plastic box is they are easy to work with and modify vs using sheet metal that people can cut themselves with as well as get frustrated with trying to perform bends. If it was up to me I would probably take the time and use sheet metal and pop rivit together a sheet metal box to custom fit but I want to provide something that anybody can do. I might still do that if I cant find a box that would be proper sizing and would look decent how I want to mount it, this is just to get the word out that I am brain storming on this as well as working it out.
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