Heads up on a gearbox deal?

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    I was looking at those little engines too.
    I wonder about the 3/8 input and output shaft sizes of the gearbox.
    Is 3/8 robust enough for these kinds of applications?
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    tecumseh 2 cycle engines

    I used to have one of those engines, but mine also had a 110V electric start (was on a snow blower) and the pull starter. I think mine was around 100cc or so and it was loud ! I'd run it up from time to time, thinking I could figure out a way to use it on one of my bicycles. Problem is the carb....all it's designed to do is run at max (3,600) rpm all the time and never idle. At that speed, it will drink gas faster than a 10 hp 4 stroke. The flywheel is large and heavy in order to keep it spinning over. If someone can figure out what carb would work on it, then you'd have a good torque'y engine.