Heads Up on Harbor Freight Auger and Water Pump Engines Carb Problem

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Porkchop, Jul 4, 2010.

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    Heads up to all that are using the 50cc engine from Harbor Freight's auger, water pump or the look alike engine from monsterscooter and others. I have the engine from HF auger on my friction drive. I've put about 250 - 300 miles on it with no issues. Yesterday I put the engine back on the auger to dig a few holes. First 14" deep hole went without a hitch. Got about 4" down into the second hole and the engine just stopped like it was out of gas. Pulled the rope and immediately noticed the carb cover was loose as a goose. I couldn't understand why since I had just put it on and tightened the hold down screw. The carb was hanging on by a thread. There are 2 screws that hold the breather assembly onto the carb. They appear to have thread locker on them. There are 4 screws that actually hold the carb onto the engine block. All 4 were so loose that they all required at least 4 complete turns to tighten them up. I don't know how the engine stayed running as long as it did. The carb was literally dangling on the block. My thought is because no thread lock on the carb mounting screws, the big time vibration from the auger worked them loose. This is also the very first time the auger has been used. Anyway, I tightened everything down and it fired right back up and ran like a charm for the rest of the day. I was away from home and had no thread locker. I bet I remove those screw and put thread locker on them before I use that engine again though. To make a long story short, all who are using this engine check those screws before you get to far from home and have a break down. I was lucky !
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    Hey Pork...

    Did the Honda 35cc go down on you as well?

    I thought you mentioned that was your auger engine, am I wrong?
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    The HF engine is the one that bit the dust, but it's fine now. The darn thing ran fine to start with, but it seems to run better now. I originally put the Honda on the auger, but had a throttle cable issue, so I ended up putting the HF engine back on it. Thinking about putting the Honda back on my bike, but I'm afraid I just won't like the decrease in power. In fact, I don't think the low power from the Honda would be suitable for the auger. I haven't read anything bad about those HF engines or the look alikes. Seems like everyone that's using them are pretty well satisfied with them. I have been.
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    I'm satisfied with mine. Albeit it's the HF pump motor. and seems somewhat different from your auger motor in that there are only 2 screws that hold the carb. on the motor and ONE screw that holds the air filt. to the carb. Other than that, it's a WINNER!!!
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    Not following you here. On the Auger engine, there are only 2 screws that hold the carburetor onto the engine and one screw that holds on thee breather/air filter. Are you saying the pump engine has the same configuration ? I don't have my old pump engine any more and don't remember much about it. But I wish I could find another one. They've been discontinued.