Health Benefits of Motoredbikes

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Chris Crew, Aug 9, 2009.

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    I looked around the other day, and realized that I have known most of my good friends for more than 20 years now. Heck, I've known my baby boy for 18 years.

    As my pals age into their 50's and 60's (I'm the baby of the crowd with only 46 winters marked on my lodge pole) we are slowing down both mentally and physically. Some of us are now retired, and we have always been an active and involved lot, but the smart ones among us have recently taken up new hobbies and activities and I feel certain this is contributing to our brain health.

    Take motored biking. I started thinking about jumping in last winter when the duck season was slow, I started looking at websites of all the cool stuff in the spring, and I've been messing with it for a little over a two months now. I was collecting bike parts in June, and my kit arrived in time to install it over the fourth of July weekend. I've spent some time in the "groaning chair" out in the shop (if you have ever built a boat or a radio controlled model airplane, or anything like that, you know exactly what I'm talking about.)

    On Friday, I had my first big mechanical failure, and although the top end of my motor and my carb may be toast, I don't feel so bad. I feel like between the creative process of getting the bike together and now the process of describing and diagnosing the issues with help from this site, I've added a bunch of wrinkles to the old grey matter, I've had a ton of fun, made some people around town smile, and I hope, kept myself out of the rocking chair home for a few more days.

    This is a neat hobby--not too expensive and fun even when it isn't working perfectly. I can't wait to get on the road again, and I'm seriously considering another build.

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    Pretty well put. A hobby like this puts the mind to use without "over-straining". It also gets our hands a bit dirty, never a bad thing. And it gets us out and about. All of this without spending a lot of money. It's hard to see any downside.
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    yes MB's are a fun THING for all ages
    maybe next time a quality kit
    I sure do like riding and riding with no break downs
    it's fun to just have that THING ready to roll at all times