"Heavy Duty" 26x2.125 wheel set- quality?

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by HoughMade, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

  2. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    they look good to me.. Except..

    Except for the post about it being coaster brake. I am not a big fan of the coaster brake. I guess that is ok if you have a strong front brake. Then it is ok. I wonder if they offer both coaster and free wheel? That would be cool. Price looks right..
  3. Butch

    Butch Guest

    I think this is one of those things that "you get what you pay for". I purchased a steel wheel with 12g spokes similar to this but it didn't have the coaster brake. I never could get the wheel trued. It also has sharp edges on the inner rim where the tube goes that seem like they would wear through a tube in no time. Never did trust the wheel enough to put it on a bike. Just my two cents. I usually buy alloy wheels with 12g spokes from bikepartsusa and have never had any problems with them.
  4. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    I have this same wheel on my current Ride. It has awesome big spokes, but the rim ring is not the best quality. It is single thickness steel wheel. It stays pretty true, after the initial wheel break in. Mine IS the freewheel version.

    I bought two of these from my local bike shop for right at $60 for the pair. It was a good thing I bought two. The day I installed the first I did not get the tensioner back on tight enough and it spun into the wheel as soon as I tried to start my engine. The spokes did not break, but pulled out of the rim. So I got rid of the tensioner and dealt with tension other ways and put on the second wheel.

    So far it has been OK. It has a couple hundred miles on it now and seems like a solid wheel. I fixed the first wheel by getting washers to put on the spoke nipples that pulled thru, or were about to. It true right up and is ready to go in service if I have another failure.

    In my opinion they are worth the money, but much better wheels are out there..
  5. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    my opinion: those "cheapo" steel 105g wheels are a great budget upgrade to any bicycle with suspect wheels...this deal looks to be the "hi-stop" version, for a few dollars more you can find a "shimano" version that has dimpled rims and better clincher edges. and, freewheel versions are also available from other vendors.
  6. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    I have the shimano, 12g, coaster, all steel, 26X2.125- awesome wheel!
  7. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    anybody have some good links to these 26x2 1.25 wheel sets? its driveing me nuts trying to find good complete rear coaster brake & front wheel sets, most sites have lousy pics or no pics at all!

    RATRODER Guest

  9. turkeyssr

    turkeyssr Guest

    What is the rear wheel spacing of that? 135mm?

    Thanks! - John
  10. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    generally single speed coaster brake rear hubs are 110mm-115mm, but there is usually plenty of axle length to space them out to fit just about any frame.

  11. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Hough, did you make a mistake when you wrote "105" spokes? There are only 36 per wheel.
  12. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    12g spokes are .105", I believe.
  13. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Ahh Ahh, I was just testing ya man and Ahh You passed, I think!
    Just kidding.
  14. GTodd

    GTodd New Member

    try, stay tru heavy duty web sight.
  15. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    www.custommotoredbicycles.com has the Sta-tru mb wheelsets. STa-tru does not sell direct to customers, only dealers.

    I like the hi-stop coaster.

    Yes, coaster hubs are narrow, but can easily be spaced out with extra nuts for a wider frame.
  16. happyjourney

    happyjourney Member

    i got those heavy duty 26 inch wheels for my bike from custommotoredbicycles.com I ended up wanting to return a front wheel i had bought from her but hadn't even taken out of the box for a rear wheel to put on the front so i could put disc brakes on the front. I didn't know you had to have a rear wheel on the front to attach disc brakes there. noob mistake. I emailed her about it and she never responded. slore.
  17. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    What does "slore" mean? Try calling her on the phone.

    I am not sure about the disc brake conversion, but I saw that on her site, that the rear freewheel hub could be used for a disc brake. I suppose you need some kind of lockring, probably something that comes with the kit for the disc brake adapter. That is an interesting way to attach the brake. Most bikes I've seen with disc brakes used a hub with a protrusion and 6 bolt holes.
  18. happyjourney

    happyjourney Member

    i got the disc brakes setup.
  19. pickled

    pickled New Member

    hmm.. would that work to move the coaster brake out just a tad more than it is?

    and fwiw, I have the husky wheels (worst packaging and customer service ever) used the wheels on one ride and broke the back axle. I did hit something hard but I've man handled bikes for decades and never broke an axle before.

    I also have the cheapy 12g wheels and haven't had a problem yet though I do expect they'll need a truing after a while.
  20. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    If you are trying to move the torque arm away from the hub or big cog, the only things you can do are:
    1, remove the arm and bend it in a vise
    2. use an adapter with the same d-shape interface, about $10 if you can find them in stock through mb parts dealers
    3. make your own torque arm