Clutch heavy duty clutch pads?



I'm wondering why cant one just purchase some motorcycle clutch pads(or other friction material) and stick them into our clutches so that one can use the engine from deadstop? (Ive searched)
These dry clutches work just as On and Off. motorcycles and cars use clutches that are variable, opening it slightly permits slight power to the wheels. I don't know the exact workings of automobile and motorcycle clutches, but they are pretty complicated.

I think a better clutch could be disigned for these motors only the power was converted through a jackshaft into a belt drive, and mount the clutch somewhere on that. use the original only for starting the motor. I can't put what I'm thinking into words correctly.
You can gear it steeper or try and find some clutch springs that are softer then the stock ones. This will let your clutch fly out tighter on the clutch drum. ;)