heavy duty frame needed

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 72square, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Heavy Duty

    Hey 72, Check out the Worksman industrial heavy duty bikes. Their not really all that expensive compared to some bikes. I'm a big guy too although not quite as heavy duty as you are. I gotta make sure all my frames have good welds, are made of steel and have at least 12 guage spokes. I've busted my share of frames and it can get scary at 40mph.
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    I'm a big guy myself an I have a newsboy but it was reinforced I'm in the 300 pnd range myself
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    The Worksman is the only "for real" heavy duty frame I can think of. in fact, it says on their web site that they can support up to 500lbs.

    (If you want a distinctive, classic, timeless, incredibly durable American Built, Worksman Cruiser Bicycles are perfect for you. Attention riders over 250 pounds: Not only are our cruisers cool, unique, stylish and made in America, they are ideal for hefty riders. In fact, with the correct upgrades riders up to 500 pounds can be accommodated. Get out and ride a classic Worksman cruiser, built "Worksman Tough".)

    I don't think any other frame will claim this.
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