heavy duty poverty 3 piece crank for sale..

I have a poverty 3 piece crank pedal setup for a bicycle. I had the 3 piece crank on my mountain bike with my engine kit. The crank has one sprocket on it because I eliminated all the gears on the bike. This is a heavy duty crank with black meal pedals. It made for a bmx bike but works fine on a mountain bike. I will get some pictures posted of the crank.

orginaly payed $45.00

Asking $10.00

Pm me!

is it still for sale or is it sold

i'm looking for somthing exactly as that crank,question though does it still have it original bearings if so let me know whelan wheels:)
hello there

well just wondering how could I go about purchasing the 3 piece crank off of you if at all possible because the fact is I live in canada, if you can try to pm me. from Whelan Wheels:rolleyes:
hello there again

Well I tried to pm you but my computer for some reason has a security feature
that prevents so called pop ups and it's thinking that what ever the reason the
message appearing on the screen is a pop up and it's frustrating when your trying to contact some one and you can't get through.Sorry that I haven't reached you yet but if i can't pm ya then try to e-mail me from whelan wheels.:-/
you may "allow pop-ups from this site" safely...we don't have anything malicious going on here :)

my computer has a wierd security feature and some times it blocks me from viewing things that i'm trying to view.i'll have to figure out a way around it.