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  1. So I am looking for a heavy duty wheel for my crazy torquey engine. On the last day of the old GEBE seup (smaller GEO engine) I finally broke a spoke. I am running the new GEBE setup, and I decided I MUST get the .105 spokes. I looked on GEBE and found an option, but all they offer is a hub that works with a multi gear cassette. I only have a freewheel single speed cruiser.

    When I tried to speak with one of the reps over at GEBE and I described my freewheel problem---that I do not have a multi speed bike, she thought my bike was made in Wal-mart and continued to appear confused as to what I was looking for with their rim.

    My budget is a little less than $145 for a back wheel from GEBE and I don't even think it would work with mine.....

    Can anyone shed some light on this.?

    I also found a website that for $35 bucks I can get a heavy duty rim with the same .105 gauge spokes. Yes they are not stainless or made in the usa but its 35 bucks.....I could by 3 and still save money on the GEBE wheel AND they come ready to bolt up to a freewheel.....

    Has anyone had any luck with either of the wheels on their bike?

    I think the lady said the wheels were assembled in the USA (a big crock) but were made either in China or Taiwan......

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    the wheel on my bike is orriginally for a multi-speed cassette. to make it one speed you simply take off the axle spacer and put a single gear freewheel.

    heres a pic of the s[rocket and the axle with the s[acer removed and a single speed frewheel

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    Where'd you find heavy duty wheels for $35? I'd be interested in looking at them...
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    I have had a couple Golden Eagle kits and had the same problem with broken spokes. A couple tips I was give seemed to help. Where the spokes cross about midway up the wheel, lace them together with safety wire and coat with JB Weld. I also was told to check the spokes often for tightness, a loose spoke will break pretty easy I was told.

    I did order one of there heavy wheels for my present Golden Eagle and have had no problems. If you can stop the spokes from breaking, I think they have a very good product.