Heavy duty spokes from pillar.

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    Pillar spokes catalog here http://www.pillarspoke.com/news.asp?num=4 makes a variety of heavy duty spokes including a 2.5mm at the elbow 2.3mm at the threads spoke. If you are going to bolt a gear directly to the spokes you need a spoke that is thick in the middle. I believe these spokes will fit in shimano hubs and some rims perhaps the weinmann 519. They also make several lighter spokes some are sold here http://www.bdopcycling.com/Pillar-Spokes.asp. Most spokes break at the elbow so it makes sense to make them stronger there. Good spokes have rolled threads this makes the diameter of the spokes .2mm bigger at the threads so the spoke holes have to be drilled larger to pass the spokes through the hole. I'm using DT 2.3mm 1.8mm 2.0mm spokes now http://share.ovi.com/media/currentresident.bicycle/currentresident.10049 if someone will import the thicker spokes I am willing to try and build a wheel with them.

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