heineken keg good or not for gas tank

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  1. anthony1973

    anthony1973 New Member

    I was curious If anyone has used a heineken or beer keg roughly the one gallon sized party kegs and converted them to gas tanks.I think they are steel and I heard different opinions about them.If these are no good can someone on here lead me to someone who makes 1 gallon custom gas tanks?
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  2. loquin

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    They're awfully thin. I'd be afraid of it splitting/spewing gas in the event of an accident. Can you say "Human Torch?"
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  3. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    I thought about using one too. As loquin said, awfully thin.

    Maybe if you had a small bladder in there.:idea:
  4. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Anthony DAX has a nice .75 gal tank on his site thats metal.
  5. anthony1973

    anthony1973 New Member

    Good point loquin.Thank you for bringing that to my attention.Shame,Cuz It would be cool to have a tank that looked like my ride was beer powered.
  6. anthony1973

    anthony1973 New Member

    I did think about drinking 2 kegs and having one split and wrapped around the other and welded.But,It may be too much trouble.Then I got to worry about how to make a gas cap connection.Could cost more than It's worth.
  7. anthony1973

    anthony1973 New Member

    I agree.But,I want to go round style and mount behind the seat on the rack.I may have to go with your Idea though being I so far cannot locate a round style 1 gallon tank.
  8. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    I purchased a number of the 5 litre "mini kegs" at my local brewing supply and successfully used them about five times each. Those kegs are under a considerable amount of pressure during the second ferment, and I've never had a failure.

    So long as you've done a good job of sealing the holes (vent at the top and tap at the bottom) I wouldn't think there would be too much risk of a rupture. I guess the wild card would be welding your patches on the thin metal.

    Go ahead and weld one up, fill it with water (heavier than gas) and throw it down as hard as you can to see what happens.
  9. chefdouglas

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    Make your life easier go on ebay and get a kart or other small gas tank. I've seen used ones needing some TLC that cost less then a mini keg considering you still would need a petcock and cap etc. I think for practical reasons a rectangular tank is better so you can more easily strap objects on top. The other possible problem with a mini keg is that over time the vibrations could cause stress cracks ( just a guess). If your mind is set on a cylinder shape and custom made look for a used propane or CO2 tank. They are much stronger.
  10. JTinFL

    JTinFL Member

    Would look cool as long as P.D. does'nt think you're beer powered also.
  11. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    I made a one gallon "keg" sort of tank for myself.

    What I did was go to Tractor Supply, and buy two half gallon goat milking pails - solid, reasonably heavy gauge stainless steel. A guy I know welded them together with a 1.5 inch strip of stainless between the rims, and a stainless 1 inch pipe flange welded into that. I also had him put an expanded metal slosh baffle in the middle, and a 3/8 diameter pipe nipple to hook a fitting to on the bottom for the fuel line. I bought a marine bronze i inch pipe cap and drilled a 1/16 hole through the top, put an O ring in it, and that's the "keg" cap.

    The pails were basically $10 each, the flat stainless stock I got for free, and the pipe nipple and the cap cost me about $3 AT Home Depot. My friend welded it up for me for free - even tossed in the expanded metal slosh baffle from his scrap pile.

    By the way, if you do something like this, on the inside of the cap tap a small metal screw hole into the bronze alongside the vent hole, and put a small metal flap across it with a turned under edge to keep it from sealing against the hole. That way you won't get a jet of fuel squirting out when you hit a big bump.

    Absolutely full it would hold about 5 quarts, but I always just put one gallon of pre-mixed fuel in it from my gas can.
  12. anthony1973

    anthony1973 New Member

    Thank you simon.You just gave me an awesome Idea.I owe ya one:cool:
  13. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    I like ingenuity ! Got a pix of the milk pail tank ???
  14. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    My camera quit on me in early 1998. I haven't bought another, as I have better uses for the money - or my doctors do, anyway.

    No pics. I tried to get my son to take some pics for me with his Nikon DSLR, but he always had "other things to do right now, Dad", and it never got done.

    Sometimes I feel like Harry Chapin.