helio 4 stroke kit good?

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    hey guys im new to this all and dont know what it entails to build one of these and whats good and whats not. looking for a complete 4 stroke kit and helio looks like a good company. can someone tell me about this kit? is the motor good? the 5 to 1 transmunchkin solid? whats a belt drive? is the price good? etc. sorry for all the questions. thanks in advance. btw im a gear head so im not completely in the dark here lol

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    Iron Horse:

    Steer clear of Helio! I don't think he's in business any more, but I had to warn you just in case. Kyle Craw is a con artist, at best.

    Check out the attached PDF. And do a Google search on: "Kyle Craw" "Helio." You'll find all sorts of nasty stuff on sites like ripoffreport.com.

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    holy cr*p. thanks for that. okay so does that bicycles engine website have everything i need to set up a 4 stroke bike?
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    The kit should contain everything you need, yes. But it's possible you'll need a better sprocket mount than what's provided or a different rear sprocket. That kinda depends on the gear ratio you pick.
  8. Thanks for the look out