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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Anton, May 4, 2012.


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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Helio Bikes Reviews:

    Products: Motorized Bikes, Engine Kits, Electric Bikes, Bicycle Parts

  2. Tyler6357

    Tyler6357 Member

    Helio Bikes

    I thought I would relate my experience with Heliobikes. I ordered this china girl from Helio on 3/26/12. I got a receipt in my e-mail.

    2 days later I sent an e-mail below:

    The next day I got this e-mail answer:

    Sadly, this would be the last e-mail communication I would recieve from Helio Bikes.

    Two days later I sent this e-mail:

    Two days later I called and left a message on their voice mail and I sent this e-mail:

    24hrs later I sent this e-mail:

    The next day the motor came from Fed Ex. I never did get a tracking number but when I opened the box the motor was damaged. It was not packed very well and moved around freely inside the box. I sent this e-mail:

    This e-mail was never answered. I had to file a dispute with pay-pal and make a claim. I never had any other communication from Helio bikes. The dispute was resolved through pay-pal in my favor. I had to spend $16 to send it back and finally got my refund issued yesterday (5/2/12).

    This is not a company that I would recommend to anybody. This is not how customers should be treated. I don't mean to bash sponsors to this website but I thought I should tell everyone my experience with HELIO BIKES.
  3. Daeouse

    Daeouse Member

    This vendor is absolutely impossible. I ordered the following:
    Qty Item Options Price
    1 HybriPed (Hybrid Pedal) Sprocket / $49.99 USD
    1 66/80cc Engine Kit / $184.99 USD
    Amount $234.98 USD

    I only got the engine (which was packed poorly and in a crappy thin box) and never received the sprocket. I have since filed a dispute, but apparently they've disconnected or cancelled their paypal account.

  4. Heliotrike

    Heliotrike New Member

    Had them motorize a Schwin trike. The freewheel bearing on the main sprocket failed in only a few blocks on my first test drive. The engine, transmission and trike are all quality hardware. The failure was caused by Helio welding the freewheel to the adaptor which I believe damaged the freewheel bearing. The quality of their workmanship ranged from OK to very poor. After many emails and phone calls Kyle did send a new free wheel and adptor which didn't fit together and a second freewheel which fit the adaptor but not the drive sproccket. Unbelievable!!!