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Helio Bikes Reviews:

Products: Motorized Bikes, Engine Kits, Electric Bikes, Bicycle Parts
About: Helio Motorized Bicycles was formed in 2009 and is the premiere motorized gas bike company in the USA. What separates their business from the rest is that they actually assemble their bikes.
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Pertaining to Kyle and Helio bikes. I purchased my first kit from him in Temecula. It was a black Raw motor 66/80cc.

I was wondering what version/model of a Raw it was? I bought it about May-June of 2011. I just want to know so if I need to get replacement parts I can find out perfect fitments.

It had the little silver plate with the red RAW, with the lightning bolt in it on the left side by the clutch arm cover.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or if you know of a way to find out what exactly I have by markings or bolt differences
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Helio Bikes

I thought I would relate my experience with Heliobikes. I ordered this china girl from Helio on 3/26/12. I got a receipt in my e-mail.

Thank you for your order, here is your receipt:
Order #: 1332795701-325
Order Date: 03/26/2012
Order Total: $160.36

Bill To Address
Edited for privacy
Ship To Address
Edited for privacy
Shipping Instructions
Ship Via: FedEx Ground
Payment Info
PayPal Website Payments Standard

Order Summary
1 - [motoronly] 66/80cc Slanthead 2 Stroke Engine @ $129.99

1: Total Items

Subtotal: $129.99
Tax: $10.72

Discount: -$0.00
S/H: $19.65
Total: $160.36
Gift Certificate: -$0.00
Grand Total: $160.36

2 days later I sent an e-mail below:

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 2:25 AM, Tyler> wrote:

Has my order shipped yet? Tracking number?? I'm in Santa Barbara CA, how long should it take?
Thank you
The next day I got this e-mail answer:

Hey tyler, we are looking to ship your order today and it should take only a day to get to you. We will send you the tracking number as soon as it leaves our facility


Sadly, this would be the last e-mail communication I would recieve from Helio Bikes.

Two days later I sent this e-mail:

I still haven't received anything. What is the tracking number please?

Two days later I called and left a message on their voice mail and I sent this e-mail:

It has now been 1 week since I paid for my order and I have still not received anything from you, no tracking number or order. Are you going to send my motor or not? If not, I demand a complete refund of $160.36. Further, if I don't hear back from you in 24 hours I will assume that I have been ripped off and will start the refund process from Pay-Pal.

24hrs later I sent this e-mail:

It's clear that you are not going to send my order and refuse to answer my e-mail or return my voice mails. I now demand a refund of $160.36 be issued immediately to my pay-pal account. Failure to do so could result in legal action against you.
The next day the motor came from Fed Ex. I never did get a tracking number but when I opened the box the motor was damaged. It was not packed very well and moved around freely inside the box. I sent this e-mail:

I have now received my order. The engine arrived damaged. I have attached pictures for your inspection. I have only taken it out of the box. It looks like it was dropped although there is no damage to the box it was shipped in. It wasn't packed very securely. It came in a box twice as big as the engine and it moved around freely inside.
The damage is to the head fins and the side fins. The head fin is cracked and bent and the side fin just looks bent. Rust can also be seen on the spark plug and on the head nuts too, not that big of a deal, but it's the damaged head that I'm worried about. I would like to return this order for a exchange or refund.
Please respond
This e-mail was never answered. I had to file a dispute with pay-pal and make a claim. I never had any other communication from Helio bikes. The dispute was resolved through pay-pal in my favor. I had to spend $16 to send it back and finally got my refund issued yesterday (5/2/12).

This is not a company that I would recommend to anybody. This is not how customers should be treated. I don't mean to bash sponsors to this website but I thought I should tell everyone my experience with HELIO BIKES.
This vendor is absolutely impossible. I ordered the following:
Qty Item Options Price
1 HybriPed (Hybrid Pedal) Sprocket / $49.99 USD
1 66/80cc Engine Kit / $184.99 USD
Amount $234.98 USD

I only got the engine (which was packed poorly and in a crappy thin box) and never received the sprocket. I have since filed a dispute, but apparently they've disconnected or cancelled their paypal account.

Had them motorize a Schwin trike. The freewheel bearing on the main sprocket failed in only a few blocks on my first test drive. The engine, transmission and trike are all quality hardware. The failure was caused by Helio welding the freewheel to the adaptor which I believe damaged the freewheel bearing. The quality of their workmanship ranged from OK to very poor. After many emails and phone calls Kyle did send a new free wheel and adptor which didn't fit together and a second freewheel which fit the adaptor but not the drive sproccket. Unbelievable!!!
Ordered my motor on 11-5-2019, it shipped the same day and I received it on 11-7-2019 at 12 noon. Great job Helio!
Motor came well packaged and everything they said it would be. Very pleased doing buisiness with You Helio. Will do again.
Ordered a motor kit a couple months back. I paid the extra $15.00 to assemble the top end (my first build, what can I say?). It arrived... built as expected... approximately 1 week later. I can not complain about any of the parts that arrived really... it was as expected and the motor has been running fine thus far (admittedly I have maybe 50 miles on it thus far).