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    Attached PDF: Customer experience with Helio Motorized Bicycles in Temecula, CA.

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    Welcome to MBc. I read your PDF. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with HELIO. You might consider making a complaint with the proper CA Authority. I did some searching for you and came up with the DCA. The California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is a department under the California State and Consumer Services Agency. DCA has a 'Complaint Resolution Program' to help resolve disputes between consumers and businesses. Complete instructions on how to do this are in a video on You Tube. Put in the search string 'CalifDCA', and it will be the first one at the top of the page...How to File a Complaint. It is complete with addresses and toll free numbers. Good Luck, and again, welcome to MBc.
  3. I will be polite so I do not offend you and further dig myself in a hole with the jumpy members and moderators on this site.

    U got ripped off and could have saved a ton of money had you purchased a gebe bike kit.

    BUT since you still have it you might as well make the best of it tear her down and build it back up. New paint ect.

    When those helio guys came out I called there probing them and i got the impression that they were mooks.

    The only "high dollar" motored bike kits worth considering is the golden eagle kits.

    If those are out of the question u should.just buy the Chinese junk and pray you get a good engine.
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    Thats a whole lot of doe and for a 20yr old to spend. Should of got a real moped for that $.
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    Sorry to hear what happened to you.They most likely had it built up with a 4G on it and when you placed your order they removed the 4G and sent it to you.Not thinking it would not line up with the EZM(IMO).Or they could still be mad from getting probed..ouch:jester:
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    punch 'em in the junk box.
  7. I have a golden eagle and love it....
  8. MikeJ

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    Hi Arlene -

    I am sorry to hear of your disgusting experience. But you did everyone in this world a huge favor by posting this real-life series of events. Untrustworthy "dealers" must be brought to light so that other consumers like you are not suckered in by this "bait-and-switch" scam.

    I had a similar and very expensive experience purchasing a kit airplane. Many parts never appeared, damaged parts arrived, and so on; the same experience you had. I broadcast my experience to many Experimental Aircraft Association chapters and posted on RipoffReport.com. I will never fully recover my losses. But what is more significant is that I know at least half a dozen potential purchasers changed their minds before sending money. And many other potential buyers will go to reputable dealers.
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    Watch out for Helio! Don't get burned!

    The attached PDF will give you an idea of how at least ONE of Kyle Craw's customers was treated. It's pretty scary. Proceed with caution.

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  10. CroMagnum

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    I'm going to chime in here and say I think it's bad form to post anonymous horror stories.

    I have no dog in this fight, have never done business with Helio, and have no idea who Arlene1991 is. But unless the .PDF was written by you, Arlene1991, then you owe Helio an apology.

    It's impossible to evaluate a complaint without knowing who wrote it and the circumstances surrounding it. As someone who has dealt with the retail public, I've personally seen some of the bizarre and outright destructive things people have done to merchandise, and then heard the outlandish lies they told to cover it up.

    Now it's also entirely possible that everything in that .PDF is true. Or it could be a competitor trying to discredit Helio. Or a former employee with an axe to grind. Except without any background or author, it's absolutely impossible to tell. Which is why you don't pass along anonymous stuff like that.

    Arlene1991, that was a jerk move on your part.

    Hey, I'm all for letting people know when Vendors Go Bad. In fact, I've got a few small "test" orders right now with a couple of vendors who are very active on MBc. And trust me, if I get screwed I'm going to complain loud and long right here. But my complaints will be first person, and all facts verifiable. They won't be the "I saw this guy on another board who said he saw some other guy whose brother-in-law's sister's boyfriend's mother said this guy told her that....."

    So, you got a story about something that happened to you? Post it. But if it's just something you saw somewhere else, forget it.
  11. Arlene1991

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    This is a situation where a guy, wanting to buy a complete motorized bicycle, made a bad vendor choice and got burned by Helio. He then set up a free Google Sites web page with the details of his experience. For some reason, the burned customer then backed off and took down the site. Maybe he got paid off by Helio, or settled in some other way. But apparently, one or more people printed the web page to the PDF format before the site was taken down, and so the site lives on in "Helio.pdf" and the link, "tinyurl.com/heliohell."

    I have chosen to post the PDF here because somebody in my life was also burned by Helio Motorized Bicycles and its proprietor, Kyle Craw. My friend and I wish that he had seen a review like this before he put his faith in Kyle Craw / Helio.

    But this is also a good illustration of how the internet has empowered the general buying public in terms of exposing, and protecting it from predators and unscrupulous individuals.

    So this is, in effect, a cautionary tale, and a public service message.


  12. Big Red

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    And there ya go again. Even a Newbie like CroMagnum knows better.
    Again you say "a guy" NO NAME to check out anything. Then, My friend. Again, No information about anything. Just you calling Kyle names like "predator" and a "unscrupulous individual".
    My experience with kyle was nothing but good. He went the extra mile for my when I dealt with him. And I am speaking from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, Not about a guy with no name, or a friend with no name, or without any kind of PROOF whatsoever. I'm not very long on this site either, but I learned rather quickly not to spew my opinion as fact. and then to call someone names such as "predator" and "unscrupulous". Back up yer facts jack, or take it to the cumbustion chamber. You can say pretty much anything you want there. Just don't do it here unless you can PROVE IT. Other Newbies, such as yourself, could take your OPINION :poop: as fact.
    Big Red.
  13. Arlene1991

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    Hey Big Red:

    Your logic doesn't hold water. Do you think that your statement above: "My experience with kyle was nothing but good..." proves anything? Do you think people should take "Big Red's" comments as Gospel?!

    Your statement proves nothing. For all I know, you may be Kyle's mother! Nobody even knows who you are, any more than anybody else here. You're just a pseudonym ("Big Red") who is allegedly from San Jose. That's just the way it is with these internet forums. But when somebody intelligently takes the time to document their bad experience with a vendor, including photographic evidence, you want to blow it off as an anonymous prank or something?

    I've seen a lot of negative comments about boygofast. Do you jump on THOSE commenters because they aren't giving their full, real name, address and other identifying information? I don't think you have.

    The fact is, the Helio.pdf file is about as thorough a review of somebody's experience with a vendor that you'll EVER see in this forum or on any other.

    Have a nice weekend.

  14. Quenton Guenther

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    I normally don't get involved with negative comments on this site, however we have had many transactions with Helio. 100% every time! In fact he is one of the top EZM dealers in the USA. Is he perfect? Most likely he is human and can make mistakes, but it is how you rectify problems that is important.

    I know of a delayed shipment because of a part damaged in shipment [not his fault], however he contacted me right away, new part was sent [even though he was having serious medical problems with a family member] , and forwarded on to the customer.

    Just today I found serious shipping damage with a motor, and know it happens more often than you would guess, I didn't panic, write nasty messages, just made arrangements to have problem corrected.

    As a vendor, I often deal with end users, and most often they understand about shipping damages, however for some there is no acceptable reason. If we shot the owner, killed all the employees, gave them the business, they still wouln't be happy [thank goodness most are understanding].

    Although I certainly don't know of the details of the transaction mentioned, I do know he has many HAPPY customers. I have received more than one call from CA thanking us for our product and that they are looking forward to doing business with Kyle again.

    My favorite comment is "For some reason, the burned customer then backed off and took down the site. Maybe he got paid off by Helio, or settled in some other way". . What if Kyle worked with the consumer and did his best to make them happy!

    I too think this is the wrong place to post "hear-say", and wish to again welcome him to MBc

    Have fun,
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    Hi Quenton,

    Since Craw is "one of the top EZM dealers in the USA," it's understandable why you'd want to defend him and "gloss over" the situation described in Helio.pdf.

    But a thorough reading and viewing of that PDF shows that the customer's negative situation wasn't a matter of a "delayed shipment" or some other minor annoyance. No: the PDF describes a situation of non-existent customer service; sloppy, slackerish business practices; ridiculous packaging and resulting damaged merchandise, and an overall "screw you, I've got your money" attitude. This customer was a few thousand miles away from Helio, and I suspect that, like my friend who had a problem with Helio, he discovered that PayPal's Buyer Protection Policy excluded his purchase because it is a "vehicle." (I bet a lot of PayPal buyers would be surprised to learn that.)

    This whole situation should be a "buyer beware" lesson for everybody who reads it.

  16. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Arlene,

    Sorry if positive comments about Helio bother you, however I find your comments about PayPay just down right funny.

    If you would bother to check out the thousands and thousands , and thousands of complaints against PayPay on the web it would drawf your issues with Helio. Make no mistake "vehicle" isn't the only reason PayPal rules would surprize anyone. Check it out, but let me tell you PayPal has hundreds of policies[16 pages of why we don't have a fair chance as buyer or seller] that would surprize everyone. You will find the regulations 100% slanted in favor of PayPal getting thier fees, and how we must jump through hoops and will still lose Try this one..............PayPal will not accept UPS or FedEx delivery conformation! If any product is over $250.00 you must ship to PayPal address [can't ship to another address or you can be charged back]. If over $250.00 must have customer SIGN for delivery, and if not the PayPal buyer it doesn't count. We shipped a kit to Colorado Springs, CO and a relative in Maryland payed via PayPal. PayPal charged back our account because we shipped to the addresss requested by buyer in CO. Cool HuH. We have to file criminal charges for fraud and have the police pick up our unpaid for item. Bet ya didn't know that!

    Bet ya didn't know if you complain about PayPal they put a hold on your funds. And you were surprized about PayPal policies, just down right funny!

    If you enjoy trashing companies, now is your big chance, just research PayPal, and you will have plently to write about. Looking forward to your horror stories, please make it entertaining, but please post elsewhere on this site [not in section for welcoming new members].

    Please consider these comments as a "waste of time" because it is far from the original topic... welcoming a new member to MBc.

    We now return this post to Welcoming new members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun,
  17. CroMagnum

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    It's plainly clear to everybody here that Arlene has some sort of axe to grind with Helio. What's very telling is the fact that she won't reveal the source of her grudge. She makes reference to something that happened to "somebody in my life" but it's obviously so weak that she refuses to elaborate. Instead she pulls up a .PDF copy of some now-deleted freebie web page that's filled with totally unverifiable information posted by some mysterious anonymous person.

    This is the basis of your diatribe? Are you serious? You've been prowling around here and on the other board doing nothing except smearing Helio since July. That's right, you joined the boards just wait for a Helio thread to float by so you could bad mouth him with unsubstantiated drivel. You've contributed absolutely nothing else to any other discussions or to the sport of motorized bicycles.

    You're a parasite, whose sole purpose is to hurt someone for some unknown reason. Ok, you've spewed your venom, and we've ignored it. Now go away.
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    Welcome to MBc

    All the Best

    To those who are new,
    The numbers speak for themselves of what members to share with the experience.
    Consider join date, number of posts, pictures, rides and riders, biziness, experience, general knowledge, depth of knowledge and experience,
    such as when to use a left handed or right handed screwdriver, blue compression for increased performance, and all sorts of other "secrets" to make your MB the best you can do.

    The best thing one can do here on a downer day, just get on ya MB, ride it and all ya worries simply fade away. Take some pictures, post ya ride day and enjoy the show.

    show us ya stuff buddy, ya MB, we want pictures of your builds seeing ya talkin so loud, show us what'cha got.
    Do ya use blue compression when building your MB?
    Cos unless ya build a MB, ya can't start it always unless ya got some blue compression, ask the hardware store, unless it's been taken off the market,
    they usually sell it by the gram in sealed brown paper bags.
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    My name is RED and has been RED since my mother called me that when I was 12 months old. I run a small, But busy, motorized bicycle business called Fatdaddy's MotoPeds in San Jose, Ca. If you want advice on motorized builds you can contact me at fatdaddyred@ hotmail.com. I've been in business for over four years at the same location.
    My last dealing with kyle was for a simple cam gear. His Dist. server went down and he scrambled for two day's to get it right. Like I said, he went the extra mile for me over a $6.00 part and kept me informed every step of the way. Included is an e-mail copy for you to look at and wish you had anything like this to show anyone. I'm only talking about me, NOT some guy you heard about on some site that has no name. Check the tracking number if you want. I had dealings with Kyle in the FIRST PART, Not through a second or third party, who should be throwing in his own complaint instead of you trying to do it for them.

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  20. Big Red

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    See post # 18. Should have used the QUOTE option for my Gospel.
    BIG RED.