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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Max-M, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Max-M

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    With all of the warnings out there on ripoffreport.com, on these MB forums, etc, it's a shame to see that Helio Motorized Bicycles / Kyle Craw is still victimizing people.

    Check out some of the latest postings to their Facebook page...


  2. cdavid67

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    I know this company has a lot of bad publicity but I did order a EZM Q-matic through him and it was shipped and received with no problem. He answered my emails with questions I had before I ordered it. So not all bad. Maybe they're trying to improve their business.
  3. Max-M

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    Yes, David: Kyle's bound to follow through on some orders. Congrats to lucky you! You've hit the lottery! You've been struck by lightning!

    But seriously, it's a real shame that people don't do a simple Google search on merchants before they order.

    And as far as your comment, "Maybe they're trying to improve their business": "they" is just Kyle Craw, working from the garage of whatever rental apartment he currently resides in. I think that he's at his father's house now, after leaving his wife Rebecca who's suffering from the terrible, life-shortening disease cystic fibrosis. This link to Rebecca's blog shows a poem she wrote about her ex, Kyle. Seems to sum things up pretty well: [link removed]
  4. darwin

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    WTF you doing posting stuff about someone's sick wife on an internet forum? Thats low dude, I can't say exactly what I think of that because it isn't allowed.
  5. Max-M

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    Yeah, you're right Darwin. That was a bit much; my posting that link to the abandoned ex-wife's blog. But seeing this Craw guy continue to rip people off -- as he did BIG TIME to a friend of mine -- really burns me up. From now on, though, I plan to keep my emotions out of this forum and stick with the subject of motorized bicycles.
  6. Anton

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    I understand that sometimes there may be trouble with the postal services however leaving these customers hanging and forcing them to post negative Facebook comments is not exactly good customer service.
  7. Max-M

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    Hi Anton,

    This goes WAY WAY beyond "trouble with the postal services." There are some people who think that Craw should be behind bars!

    But, as I said, I'm going to lay off of this issue from now on.

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