HelioBikes.com bad review and excellent vendors review!!!

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    Lets get down to the important stuff first. Buying from HelioBikes.com was a big mistake. I ordered a Honda G4 tranny about 6 month ago and was lied too through emails. Never received anything. Worst of all I paid with a money order and cant get my money back. Terrible customer service.

    If this ever happens to you and it's to late or even if you had a minor bad dealing with heliobikes.com or anyone else. You can file a complaint at the link below.

    Now for the good vendors that I dealed with in this industry along with products they sold to me.
    1) SickBikeParts: 4 stroke shifter kit, Throttle Assembly HD - CNS, freewheel oil, bottom bracket conversion set. My review on the items are a 5 out of 5 stars.
    2) Smallenginewarehouse.com - Honda 4 stroke GXH50 again 5 of 5
    3) bikeberry.com - Macargi Rover 7 speed from 5 of 5
    4) bicycle-engines.com: stage 3 gear box assembly, 4 stroke exhaust pipe. ( My review on the stage 3 is like others who chose the Honda GXH50. Super quite and solid) 5 0f 5
    5) Ebay.com: non-esp shimano 7 speed trigger shifter and v-brake combo, Black gas tank, Tom Tom 130S GPS, Tom Tom 130S GPS bicycle mount made by RAM. 5 of 5
    All of the 4 company's/corporations above excluding ebay are excellent in dealing with customer service. Provide free tech support on anything your doing the absolute best they can. Ebay does have excellent buyer protection no matter what or where in the world it is.
    This was my first motor bicycle build. It turned out great and was really fun for me to build.
    Here's some stuff about me. I have motorbike DNA within me. Scored 84 on my military entry test (Military Intelligence Officer) but cant spell and have severe dyslexia.
    Got my first minibike when I was four. I had to cry for 4 days and nights straight. Threw plates, and didn't eat. Almost killed myself after I got it!
    I started my own Big Rig 18 wheeler aluminum polishing business. Made $50 to $200 dollars a day and hardly ever went home empty handed due to a good reputation Then I purchased a Suzuki RM80 and raced at Saddleback Park in city of Orange, CA when I was seven. There's some hidden professional tracks in the desert near Red Mountain Ghost town, CA. I used to rip it up on then and loved the 100 foot vertical drops. No more cry baby.
    I like motor bicycles with fenders.
    Harley's with suicide shifters with heal and toe clutches are real cool.
    I love Honda XR650R's and drive them harder then anyone. I rode a bored out to 700CC XR650R super modified motorcycle across USA in winter 3 years ago. All I had was a backpack, tent and .99 cent ebay sleeping bag. I can tell you all about it if you like. Everyone at rest stops and stuff said I was crazier then them. I dried my socks and clothes a few time with bathroom hand blowers. In Kansas if you put your sleeping bag on the ground it will get wet from both sides due to the moisture in the ground rising at the same time the dew set down. I couldn't figure it out and boy was that a long night.
    I've had so many bikes there's no way to count them all. I've learned to do my own mechanic work and never trust anyone to work on my bike. Not one broken bone ever in my life.
    I really enjoy this web site. I have to hand it to them. So if you ever run into some trouble on a bike/bicycle and post on the forums I might just get you squared away with some real good solutions. I have learned a huge amount of tricks to the trade and don't mind giving any of it out.
    See Ya!!!!
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    Anyways here's the proof! Again Kyle never sent me anything just kept the money. Attachments Oct 6th 1 and 2 are pictures of the receipt.
    I'll start with the money order first. Now Money Gram money order company insists that in order to check the status of the money order you need the amount and money order #.
    So in order for anyone to have this information they had to buy the money order. Meaning me!
    Money Gram Money Order # 51155691246 made in the amount of $152.75.
    1-800-542-3590 is the number you need to call to verify the status of the money order.
    Here's the receipt that the Kyle sent me via email. Without my personal info of course!
    sales@heliobikes.com to me
    show details Apr 17



    dateSun, Apr 17, 2011 at 10:57 AM
    subjectOrder #: 1303058926-315

    hide details Apr 17

    Thank you for your order, here is your receipt:
    Order #: 1303058926-315
    Order Date: 04/17/2011
    Order Total: $152.75

    Bill To Address

    Ship To Address

    Shipping Instructions

    Ship Via: FedEx Ground


    Payment Info
    Money Order

    Order Summary
    1 - [4g5/8gear] 4G T-Belt Drive (Honda) @ $139.99

    1: Total Items

    Subtotal: $139.99
    Tax: $0.00

    Discount: -$0.00
    S/H: $12.76
    Total: $152.75
    Gift Certificate: -$0.00
    Grand Total: $152.75

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    A scanned image of the receipt is attached as a pdf file.
    Nobody needs to post on this because I am going to order the copy of the money order showing who the money order was made out to. Proving HelioBikes cashed the money order. It will take a month or so maybe long or shorter.
    Se Ya Later

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    Do Not buy from Helio Motorized Bicycles

    Last year I asked Kyly at Heliobikes if he could motorize a Schwin trike for use by an elderly couple in a hilly neighborhood. My key criteria which I made very clear were slow speed and enough torque to climb a 20% grade. $2,000 and 3 months late he delivered a motorized Schwin trike. The general workmanship was marginal to OK but the freewheel on the main drive sprocket failed on my first test drive after only a couple blocks. It was also way too fast. The reason for the 3 month delay according to Kyle is the extensive testing they did and failure of the freewheel threaded adaptor which he then welded to the freewheel. I believe this weld damaged the freewheel bearing causing it to fail. I also doubt they did much if any testing.

    After 6 months of endless emails, lies and phone calls that were answered only if I posed as a new customer I have given up on Heliobikes. He did send a new freewheel and adaptor that didn't fit together followed by a new freewheel which fit the new adaptor but not the drive sprocket. Unbelievable!!

    The Schwin trike has an intermediate axle between the crank and the drive sprocket with its own freewheel and the Pacesetter chutch freewheels so I have no idea why Kyle installed another freewheel on the drive sprocket. The bike has the Honda GXH50 engine and Pacesetter transmission which seem like fine equipment.

    Anyone know why I can not eliminate the drive sprocket freewheel? Also any ideas on slowing the bike down without loosing torque?
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