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    Has anyone ever dealt with the guys from Heliobikes.com before? I just wanted to make sure that they are a trusted company before I start ordering my parts from them. I have called them a few times, got the answering machine and left a message, but I still have not gotten a call back from them yet. I just hope that their customer service is not as bad as Kings Motor Bikes.

    Speaking of King's, they apparently are not taking any calls from me and they keep ignoring my emails as I have tried time after time on getting a hold of those people about the defective cylinder that they sold me (it failed on me under 100 miles of riding). I just have a feeling that they have my number on a list of numbers to ignore right on their desk phone. I had to have them return a few parts several years ago..

    Please let me know if anyone has dealt with Heliobikes.



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    As I carried on about in the kings motor post... call your credit card company and file a complaint... IT WORKS... I have done it for a $3,000 engine I was shafted on for a car.

    As far as I am concerned.... if you called Helio a few times and left messages with no call back yet??? I would say to expect NO level of customer service at all from them and DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from them at all.

    Your money is way more valuable then a company to disrespect you and use you!!!
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    There are only a few vendors that I will use any more.
    Neither one of the vendors discussed are in that list.
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    I GOT SCREWED! gasbike is ****! i bought the superrat got a regular gt5 it did not last more then 3 months 300km. and i never got the money back, we all know the super rat is alot more. F THEM
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    sorry for my language just upset!
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    Problem is a lot of the more reliable companies just cant get any more stock in. I called USABikes since they are 50min drive from me and the guy straight up told me that its becoming really hard to import the old 2 stroke HT motors now because they arent meeting EPA standards.

    So you really end up getting shafted and having to go with one of the china companies,

    IE Gasbike, Bike Berry, Kings,

    Its really upsetting, these guys basically ran all the smaller companies out of business.

    USA bikes guy said he just cant compete with their prices because he would only be making $15 bucks a kit at HIS import cost, and the asain companies have some kind of IN with the manufacturer that they are getting kits super cheap.

    Another perfect example, Spookytooth, I lives literally 20 mins from them, they went out of business for basically the same reason, to hard/expensive to import the motors these days. And no profit to be made.
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    To be honest, I would just go the ebay route. Ive seem some great prices on ebay, and frankly, all the kits are the same when you are talking HT motors. Pirate cycles is the only company i know that kinda "Upgrades their kits" and even they dont really appear to do much motor wise from my research.

    Oh and guess what, they are out of stock too. Big suprise.