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    helloe, first off thanks to how ever is reading this for there time. I am 13 yers old and im in the process of makeing an ebike. I have a thred about it here: http://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums/showthread.php/my-ebike-36831.html
    so as you can see I get electirc vechiles easaly. but thta is not why I am here. I am new to gas bikes and would like to now if I can put a gas bike kit on a beat up dirt bike (I now where to get one for chep) thinke about a 4 storke plese hlep thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Ev, welcome to Motoredbikes. The 2 stroke kits are designed for bicycles but, I suppose you can adapt one to a motorcycle frame. I am sure it would be a lot easier to just put one on a bike.
    A bike kit for a 4 stroke cost more (less to go wrong too - from what I read) and the same situation exists about adapting it.
    The motorcycle is a lot heavier than a bike too. Lots of welding to adapt it.