Hello! A bit of info about me...


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May 25, 2008
Nice to find this website!

While looking for motorcycles, electric motorcycles, or bikes....I found you guys! I have now been hooked on finding more information to build me a bike for a day and half now!

I live 5 miles from work and would like to have an affordable alternative to driving my car everyday to work (or an emergency back up ride :cool:).

Two Problems for a normal bicycle:
1. There is 3 small stretches of road with traffic to deal with (no shoulders or side walks). The speed limit is 30 MPH though.
2. There is one hill I must go up to get get to work. (I can't get to work needing a shower either)

Electric bike kits are just not cost effective and have too short of a range. Batteries need replacing from time to time and etc.

So, here I am! I need a cool looking bike to install a gas motor onto! LOL

(I will start a new thread with details of what I'm looking at doing, suggestions needed!)