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    I've lurked here so long I don't remember if I ever introduced myself.
    First of all I LOVE this hobby. I think this is just about as much "bang for the buck" fun as you can have.

    I finished my first build back in September and have been working and tweeking ever since.
    So far:

    Started with a Giant Simple Single in flat black with stock springer fork. Found it on Craig's list for $100 cash and carry. It is the PERFECT motored bike platform to start.

    I added a 80cc happy from kingspowersports from ebay ($170.00 shipped) and the installation went fairly well. I was running around the neighborhood the same afternoon I got the kit.

    Because of the oversized down tube on the Giant, my first home manufactured front mount failed miserably in about 10 hours. The engine ran (and continues to run) like a champ. After beefing up the front mount I found that this bike with the stock 44t sprocket was simply too fast for the coaster brake to handle. so I added a Sturmy Archer drum brake (only option for a Simple with no brazeons or mounting available for front brakes) That addition cost about $100.00 after having the drum hub mounted and wheel re-spoked. But now I feel MUCH more comfortable zipping around neighborhood at wide open throttle.

    Over the fall, I rode that bike every day. I've had to replace the ignition coil, and many many exhaust gaskets, a whole new exhaust, and upgrated to NGK plug. I just ordered a 41T sproket and new rear wheel so I'm looking forward to starting the riding season off with a little performance boost.

    I know this is off topic, but has anyone had to drill out and re-tap one of the engine mounting all-threads? When I broke my first mount, I left the threaded 6mm rod in there and fabricated a bracket that is basically a c clamp that runs from the right side engine cover (attached with longer 6mm grade 8 bolts) that bends 90 degrees to join the bicyle frame down tube. It has run well so far, but I fear for the longevity of this set up. Anyway, just curious if anyone has retapped, and what size they used so as not to compromize the already dubious integrety of Happy Time aluminum.

    Thanks all, have fun out there.


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    That's what I'm talking about.

    A Dutchman with a 1/2 mile head start.

    Don't bet against him !!
  3. Welcome! You could Helicoil that and it would be even stronger than it was originally!
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    G'Day Dutch,welcome to MBc

    I can I dentify with some of your HT integriy issues, and may have a solution on your exhaust gaskets.
    It's a very simple principle some tea and coffee drinkers know about.
    Think of a hot mug of tea or coffee and how to cool it down sooner, by leaving the teaspoon upright in the cup. Heat rises, so the heat from the hot water/liquid rises up the spoon !

    Same principle I used in tinkering a "heat sink" for my HT after doing gasket after gasket after gasket. The cause is the plate on the HT exhaust pipe warps.
    The heat has no where to go, so it warps same as railroad tracks on a hot day.
    Below is a picture of a heatsink using extended bolts as shown.
    It's been over 6 months now and have never had to replace a gasket since.

    All the Best

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