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    I'm an old fart on social security and medicare. I think both candidates for president are useless. Where is Ross Perot or Leon Trotsky when you need him. First motor bike I built was in 1963, second in 64 and third in 2012. All three are/were very dangerous. I guess my mental age has regressed to 14. Works for me. I just tried the E3 brand of spark plug today. It is a E3.12. Bike never ran better. Added about 1.5mph to top end. I have the standard China made motor kit (60cc) with an older carb without the enricher choke. I ran 26mph today. I am an engineer. My son (37) built a motor bike too. His is faster . He is a software engineer and I am a mechnical engineer. My bike should be faster...... No justice in the world.

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    Hi, maybe you can learn some tricks on the forum to beat your son :devilish:

    There is a section called Wild In The Streets you might be interested in.... although you already stated that your bikes are very dangerous....