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hiyas...augidog here...

well, Team Golden Eagle and I are full-tilt into organizing the "Motorized Bicycle Racing Association"

there will be a single front-page with a guestbook (so you can say howdy even if you're not going to be joining us) and a forum where we will gather and rock out the details of our future plans. these include bonneville salt flats land-speed, endurance long-distance "lemans" style, statistical-based (mileage/efficiency) competition, exibition races at local tracks (with dreams of doing daytona), 1/8 mile drag-racing, and just plain old fun rallies.

the club, like most at this level, will include full-membership (riders & builders) and support-membership (enthusiasts who just can't resist being involved, but likely won't race)...the only 2 qualifications for membership at this point would be that your vehicle have functioning pedals that will propel the bicycle with the engine/motor off, and a 50cc (or electrical equivelant) ceiling.

nothing on our site or in our forum will be in competition with MBc...matter of fact, i sincerely hope you can restructure the place so we can feel comfortable referring folks here for tech/mech help & even more good times.

no site is in operation as of yet, but i am building a mailing list for those interested...to get on the list, hit us up at: m_b_r_a@charter.net

ride safe, guys...please find a way to pull this community together.

see ya's down the road :cool:
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Large Filipino

Oh I'm pretty sure we will. I hope down the road there's a happy ending for all.


Jan 22, 2008
sounds a great idea! wish I lived over there! no more ridng under the radar checking for police every 30 seconds, and somebody I could actually ride with! I love the drag racing idea!! Augi you will have to get some videos up on youtube with these races and rallies. Good luck to you sir and I'm sure it is going to be a great success!
Ryan aka fastboy


Enjoyed it and appreicate the help I have recieved. I'll see you on the otherside.


sad to see ya go enjoy the free time. hope yr shoulders feel better now that ya got that weight off em :p